Walmart Deli Menu Prices (Catering | Party Trays | Platters) - Frugal Answers (2023)

If you’re planning a backyard get-together, birthday party, or any large event and need to feed several people, then sandwich trays are a convenient, cheap way to go.

You can order catering trays in advance for the number of people you need and save yourself prep time and cleanup time. Several large box stores like Walmart have delis that offer affordable catering options.

Walmart Deli has made-to-order food trays, snacks, and platters for any occasion. Ranging from about $5 for a rotisserie chicken to $50 for a meat and cheese tray, Walmart deli has options at every price point.

Whether you need to feed five or five dozen people, most Walmart deli platters come in small, medium and large so you can order the right amount of food. Walmart deli offers hot and cold food options as well.

Walmart really is a one-stop shop for everything you need. They aim to give you the best value for your money, and this includes their deli.

Walmart’s sandwiches and deli tray options are relatively inexpensive compared to other delis. Plus, Walmart is cheaper if you want smaller quantities of their deli platters.

You Will Learn:

Walmart Deli Menu

Walmart’s deli has various sandwiches, meats and cheeses that you can use for any occasion or gathering. Walmart bakery also has plenty of desserts, bread, cakes and bagels but we’ll focus on the deli items in this article. Note that Walmart also sells other fruit and veggie trays, as well as cheese and cracker trays, but this article will focus on the catered items in the Walmart deli.

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Here’s a list of the Walmart deli menu, along with the cost and how many people each platter serves. Note that some of the platters come in different sizes so you can get the right amount of food for your gathering.

Fruit tray$12.88S8-10
Chicken trio trayMedium: $28
Large: $44
Chicken wing traySmall: $18
Medium: $32
Large: $38
Small: 12-16,
Medium: 20-24,
Large: 28-32
Rotisserie chicken$4.982-4
Marketside meat and cheese traySmall: $24
Medium: $42
Large: $48
Small: 8-12,
Medium: 15-20,
Large: 20-25
Marketside cheese trayMedium: $34
Large: $48
Medium: 15-18
Large: 20-25
Marketside meat trayMedium: $34
Large: $48
Medium: Serves 15–18
Large: Serves 20–25
Marketside™ sliders traySmall: $14
Medium: $26
Large: $34
Small: Serves 6–8
Medium: Serves 12–16
Large: Serves 15–20
Marketside™ sub sandwichSmall: $18
Medium: $28
Large: $32
2-foot sub: Serves 8 -10
4-foot sub: Serves 16 -20
6-foot sub: Serves 25 -30
Sandwich trayMedium: $32
Large: $42
Medium: 16-20
Large: 20-24

When ordering from Walmart deli, you get a lot of options to customize the trays to your needs. You can select what type of tray you want, for instance, if you want full sandwiches, or just meat and cheese, or only meat or only cheese. Then you can select the amount you need. For meats, you can choose from turkey, ham and deli.

Type of Walmart Deli Trays

Here are three of the most popular Walmart deli trays:

Marketside™ sub sandwich: Starting at just $18, the sub sandwich comes in small medium and large. The large can even feed up to 30 people.

You can choose from roast beef, ham, turkey, salami or beef bologna for your meet. Then you can select lettuce, tomato and/or onion with mayo or mustard also available.

The sub sandwich is cheap, can feed several people, and is easy to take home for dinner.

Marketside meat and cheese tray: If your guests like to customize their own sandwich, this tray is perfect. This option is just meat and cheese.

It also comes in small, medium and large and starts at just $24. This is perfect for a slightly larger gathering where you already have the condiments and rolls, croissants or bread.

Guests can build their own sandwich, which is perfect if you have guests with allergies, dietary restrictions and/or picky eaters in attendance.

Chicken wing tray: For wing-lovers, this tray is a relatively inexpensive option starting at just $18 for 12 to 16 guests. Or you can serve up to 24 people for $32.

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How to Order from Walmart Deli

The hours of Walmart’s deli may vary by location, but most stores open at 7 am and close at 9 pm. Check the hours of your local store online at before you go.

Not every Walmart store has a deli. For instance, many neighborhood Walmarts do not have one, but most Walmart Supercenters do. Check the store locator to find a Walmart with a deli near you.

To order from Walmart deli, you can either call your local store or fill out an order form in-store. Here are the steps to order from Walmart deli:

  1. First, decide what you would like from the menu
    1. Know what trays you will need, what sizes and what types of meats and cheeses you want
  2. Place an order with Walmart deli either by
    1. Calling your local Walmart store deli counter. You can find the number for your local Walmart deli by using Walmart’s online store locator.
    1. Or you can order in-store at the deli counter
  3. Schedule pick up

You can order the trays ahead of time and pick them up whenever is convenient for you. It’s always a good idea to give Walmart deli at least a day’s notice before you need to pick up your order.

That way, they have plenty of time to get it ready. Some stores may even have a minimum time to give notice before an order is ready.

While the trays listed above are the most popular and common, you may also get custom orders. Many Walmart deli locations also allow you to customize your order or make special requests, as long as you give them advance notice.

You can call ahead or visit the local store to speak with an associate about what customization you’d like to make your event a success.

If you don’t love your order, then you can bring it back to the local del for a full refund. However, make sure to hang onto your receipt if you do need to return a deli item because it was unsatisfactory.

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Walmart Deli vs Costco Platters

Walmart and Costco platters are very similar in cost. Overall, if you need to feed more people then Costco platters are cheaper. But if you have a group under 20, then Walmart allows you to purchase their platters in smaller quantities.

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However, whether or not Costco or Walmart is a better deal depends on the type of party tray you want and how many people you need to feed. We’ll examine how Walmart deli and Costco platters compare on cost, size, and variety.


Walmart platters cost anywhere from $14 for the small slider tray to $48 for the large meat and cheese tray. Costco platters cost from $26.99 for the meat and cheese platter to $39.99 for the shrimp platter.

Here’s a comparison of cost on similar items at Walmart and Costco:

Walmart Deli Chicken Prices

  • Rotisserie chicken
    • $4.98, feeds 2-4
  • Marketside meat and cheese tray
    • Small: $24, feeds 8-12
    • Medium: $42, feeds 15-20
    • Large: $48, feeds 20-25
  • Sandwich tray
    • Medium: $32, feeds 16-20
    • Large: $42, feeds 20-24

Costco Deli Chicken Prices

  • Rotisserie chicken
    • $4.99, feeds 2-5
  • Meat and cheese platter
    • $26.99, feeds 16-20
  • Sandwich platter
    • $29.99, feeds 20-24

The price of a rotisserie chicken is about the same at both stores, but Costco’s trays feed slightly more. Additionally, the meat and cheese platter at Costco is a better deal than the Walmart meat and cheese tray for feeding 20 people.

But, if you need to feed over 20, then you’ll either need two Costco platters or go with the Walmart large meat and cheese tray.

Finally, Costco also wins for the best price on the sandwich platter which can feed more people for less money than the sandwich trays at Walmart.

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Serving Size

If you need less than 15 servings, then Walmart deli is a better deal than Costco platters because Costco caters more towards large gatherings of 20 people. Walmart deli platters can be ordered in small, medium and large to feed the size of your gathering. Costco does not appear to have the option to order platters in various sizes.

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However, Costco does have a shrimp platter which Walmart does not offer. If your guests like seafood, then Costco is a better way to go. Don’t like seafood? If you’re more interested in wings, then Walmart has a chicken wing tray which Costco does not have.

Additionally, if you want just meat or just cheese on a platter then Walmart has the solution for you. Walmart has all-meat or all-cheese platters in medium and large for $34 or $48, respectively.

Costco Platters Menu

Costco sandwich platters include ready to eat chicken, roast beef, ham and cheese sandwiches as well as shrimp platters. Costco also has a croissant sandwich option, which Walmart does not. With Costco catering, you can order in-store or over the phone and some deli items can be ordered online. Below is a list of Costco platters:

Shrimp platter$39.9920-24
Chicken & Swiss roller$32.9920-24
Sandwich platter$29.9920-24
Meat and cheese platter$26.9916-20
Roasted chicken swiss roller platter$29.9920-24
Shrimp platter with cocktail sauce$39.9920-24
Croissant sandwich platter (chicken/roast beef/ham)$32.9916-20
Rotisserie chicken$4.995

If You Want to Use EBT

Most states only allow you to use EBT for cold food, but not hot food because it is considered a prepared food item. However, some people have purchased cold wings or food from Walmart and prepared them at home. You may even be able to purchase the empty plastic platter from Walmart for only a few dollars.

Key Takeaways

  • Walmart deli has options for catering any gathering, from $5 to $50
  • You can also feed 5 people or over 30 with the option to order trays in small, medium and large
  • To order from Walmart deli, either call the local deli counter or fill out an order form in-store
  • Costco is a better deal for larger quantities on party trays, but Walmart has better options for small gatherings
  • You can customize your Walmart deli trays for your party, just make sure to contact the deli at least a day or two in advance

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How many does a 6-foot sub from Walmart feed? ›

6-foot Giant Sub*: Contains 36 two inch portions, serves 18-25.

How much deli meat do I need per person? ›

The general rule of thumb is to purchase two to three ounces of deli meat for each sandwich you will make. Yes, it is that simple. Another rule of thumb is to order more than that by the sandwich or per person for the meal. It's never a bad day when you have too much deli meat.

How do you make a nice deli tray? ›

  1. 1 bunch green leaf lettuce.
  2. 2 pounds sliced deli turkey.
  3. 2 pounds sliced deli roast beef.
  4. 1 pound sliced deli ham.
  5. 1 pound thinly sliced hard salami.
  6. 2 cartons (7 ounces each) roasted red pepper hummus.
  7. 2 cartons (6-1/2 ounces each) garden vegetable cheese spread.
  8. Assorted breads and mini bagels.

How many people will a 5 foot sub feed? ›

2. How many people does a 5 foot hero feed? Approximately, 18 to 21 people. 3.

How many subs come on a platter? ›

Sub Platters. Subway® Platters are ideal for social/business events where you have more than one mouth to feed! Each Subway® Platter consists of 16 conveniently sized Three-inch Subs making it perfect for meetings or group meals. You can also add salads, cookies, drinks and crisps to your order.

How many sandwiches do I need for 20 people? ›

As a general rule, ordering 1.5 sandwiches per person is the perfect number. If you're ordering a salad or an accompanying platter, 1 sandwich per person is the preferred portion size.

How many pounds of deli meat do I need for 25 people? ›

Figure on 3 ounces of cold cuts per person. Multiply the number of people you are anticipating as guests by 3 and then divide by 16 to get the number of pounds of cold cuts you need to have for the event.

How many pounds of deli meat do I need for 30 people? ›

30 people: 60 ounces of meat, 3 pounds 12 ounces

If the sandwiches are your main course, you may want to aim for the higher side of meat. But if you're serving a lot of side dishes, you may not need quite as much meat. Same goes if you have a lot of toppings: Cheese slices, tomatoes, lettuce, etc.

What is the most popular sandwich filling? ›

Five of the most popular sandwich fillings for everyday occasions:
  • Cheese.
  • Ham and cheese.
  • Ham salad.
  • Sausage.
  • Cheese and onion.
  • Egg mayonnaise.

Is it cheaper to make your own meat and cheese tray? ›

It's surprisingly easy to assemble your own board with grocery store ingredients that cost less than you might think. In fact, you can make a tray full of cured meats, cheese and complementary snacking accompaniments for less than $30.

What are the most popular deli sandwiches? ›

Classic Deli Sandwiches
  • Tuna Melt. Served on an Italian roll, wheat, rye or sourdough bread. ...
  • Club Sandwich. It's a double decker on toasted wheat bread with layers of ham, turkey, smoked bacon, lettuce, tomato,
  • Chicken Salad Sandwich. ...
  • Meatballs & Cheese. ...
  • BLT. ...
  • Turkey Sandwich. ...
  • Tuna Sandwich. ...
  • French Dip.

How much meat do I need for a deli platter? ›

You also want to make sure the cold cuts are sliced properly. You can get enough ounces of meat per person, but if the slices are too thick you'll have a problem. You want to ask the guy at the deli counter to slice the cold cuts thin. I think the perfect sized slice is about a half ounce.

How many people will a 3-foot sub serve? ›

3 ft. party sub feeds approx 15 people. 6 ft. party sub feeds approx 20-25 people.

How many slices of meat is a pound? ›

Here's a good rule of thumb: 1 pound of deli meat, sliced sandwich style, makes about 5 – 6 sandwiches. Cheese slices should be ordered thinner than deli meat, so you'll have more cheese slices to layer on.

How many dollars is 100 subs? ›

As of 6:06 am, 1000 SUB is worth $0.71. That's -$3.36 less than the same amount of SUB 1 year ago.
Conversion Table.
1 year ago
100 SUB$0.41
500 SUB$2.04
1000 SUB$4.07
5 more rows

How many people can you feed with a 6-foot sub? ›

3-foot Giant Sub*: Serves 10–12. 6-foot Giant Sub*: Serves 20–25. Giant Sub orders require 24 hr.

How many loaves of sandwiches do I need for 50 people? ›

30 slices of bread each, so that's 15 sandwiches to a loaf. 60 for 4 loaves, but only 45 for three loaves. Plus if people don't like heels, you might need a bit extra bread.

How many sandwiches do I allow per person for afternoon tea? ›


Allow 3-4 sandwiches per person. But don't prepare them too early as they will either go soggy or dry out.

How many pounds of lunch meat do I need for 40 people? ›

Size. According to the Food Guide Pyramid, a single serving of meat is 2 ounces. That means 40 people, each eating one serving, would require 80 ounces (5 pounds) of lunch meat.

How many people will 1lb of lunch meat feed? ›

The FDA defines 2 ounces as a serving size in regards to deli meat. That being said, one pound of product would equal 8 servings per pound.

How many people will 1lb of meat serve? ›

Boneless Meat: 1/2 lb. per person for adults and 1/4 lb. per person for children. Bone-In Meat: 1 lb.

How many people will 1lb of meat feed? ›

Chefs generally recommend 8 ounces (½ pound) of meat per person. You need about 5-5 ½ pounds to serve around 10 to 12 people. If you're serving more than one dish in your entree, you can set aside ¼ pound per meat type.

How many loaves of sandwiches do I need for 100 people? ›

How many loaves of bread do you need to make 100 sandwiches? The answer, according to our calculator, is: 12 — assuming your 100 sandwich consumers are all adults or hungry kids!

How much meat do I need for 20 people? ›

What weight of meat per person to order?
Boneless MeatNumber of PeopleBone in meat
8lb / 3.64kg16 – 1712lb / 5.44kg
9lb / 4.08kg18 – 1914lb / 6.35kg
10lb / 4.54kg20 – 2116lb / 7.25kg
11lb / 4.98kg22 – 2318lb / 8.16kg
8 more rows

How many pounds of cold cuts do I need for 50 people? ›

For 25 servings = 1 ½ lb. -2 ½ lbs. For 50 Servings = 3-5 lbs. For 100 Servings = 6-10 lbs.

What kind of meat goes on a platter? ›

By contrast, a meat & cheese platter could include any type of cooked or cured meat. Summer sausage, pulled pork, roasted or fried chicken, pepperoni, tuna salad, sliced steak, smoked salmon or turkey legs (this would be great for a fall or Thanksgiving party).

What do you put on a finger food tray? ›

55 Easy Finger Food Recipes Everyone Will Love
  1. Crispy Bacon-wrapped Brussels Sprouts. ...
  2. Spicy Pineapple Prosciutto Tarts. ...
  3. Baked Mac-and-cheese Bites. ...
  4. Delicata Squash Rings With Garlic-lemon Sauce. ...
  5. Vegan Arancini. ...
  6. Spicy Ricotta-stuffed Phyllo Rolls. ...
  7. Pull-apart Bread With Caramelized Onions And Goat Cheese. ...
  8. Mozzarella Bites.
19 Jan 2021

What are the 10 most popular sandwiches? ›

Most Popular Sandwiches in America, Ranked
  1. Grilled Cheese. Is a grilled cheese sandwich wildly exciting?
  2. Grilled Chicken. Chick-fil-A's slogan — "We didn't invent the chicken. ...
  3. Turkey. The turkey sandwich likely fares well because it's not only delicious, but healthy. ...
  4. Roast Beef. ...
  5. BLT. ...
  6. Tuna. ...
  7. Ham. ...
  8. Club. ...
3 Nov 2022

What is the number 1 sandwich in America? ›

America's top sandwich is the grilled cheese, according to the results of a YouGov survey that asked a representative sample of 1,223 people to weigh in on their top sandwich choice.

What is the most popular sandwich of all time? ›

If the thought of a grilled cheese sandwich makes your mouth water, you're in good company. According to the YouGov survey, grilled cheese tops the list of the most popular sandwiches in America.

What are 6 common condiments for a sandwich? ›

I've included recipes for 4 of them, and they all have just 5 ingredients or less!
  • 1 - Honey Mustard Mayonnaise. Let's start off with a classic combo: honey mustard mayo! ...
  • 2 - Pesto. Next up, we have one of my favorites: PESTO! ...
  • 3 - Chipotle Mayonnaise. ...
  • 4 - Spicy Avocado. ...
  • 4 - Cream Cheese and Chive. ...
  • 6 - Jam.
11 Sept 2017

How many people does a meat tray serve? ›

15-20 people (16″ tray – 5 lbs total, 1 lb. of each) 23-30 people (16″ tray – 7.5 lbs total, 1 1/2 lbs. of each)

What is the cheapest way to get meat? ›

10 Ways to Shop for the Cheapest Meat
  • Buy wholesale meat.
  • Shop at local farms.
  • Look for coupons and sales.
  • Change your shopping patterns.
  • Plan ahead.
  • Shop at ethnic grocery stores.
  • Compare average grocery-store prices.
  • Learn to cook cheaper cuts.
28 Jun 2022

How far in advance can I make a meat and cheese tray? ›

You can make a charcuterie and cheese platter a few hours ahead of time just wrap it in plastic wrap and store in the fridge and take it out 30-40 minutes before you're ready to serve it.

What's the best deli meat? ›

Opt for ham or turkey which are both very lean types of meat. Overall, roast beef, turkey, and chicken beat out other deli meats when comparing the fat, salt, and calories. They are the healthiest options for you to pick from at the deli.

What is the healthiest sandwich to get at a deli? ›

Turkey Sandwich comes in at #1 for the most healthy. Turkey contains less fat than most other meats and is rich in protein and potassium, needed for strong muscles.

What are the 4 most popular sandwich cheese? ›

Swiss cheese was chosen as the most popular cheese for a sandwich with 137 votes. Just behind it in a tie were American and cheddar cheeses with 135 votes each. It's fitting that American and cheddar should come in at a tie considering cheddar cheese was first used by James L.

How many sandwiches do I need for a party tray? ›

Portion size is one full sandwich per person, cut in half, served on trays. Pro Tip: A sandwich tray for 10 = 20 half sandwiches. We take care of the details from start to finish to ensure your event is perfect.

Is it cheaper to make your own party platters? ›

So, I decided to look into the cost of party trays, and then try to recreate them at home to see if doing so makes sense. What I found is that you can save around 34-37% of the cost by making your own fruit and vegetable trays. However, the cost savings on a cold cuts tray by making your own is not that much (8.4%).

What goes with meat and cheese tray? ›

Remember to serve with little condiment dishes of mayonnaise, mustard, Dijon, or pesto if you are using your meat and cheese platter for the purpose of making sandwiches. You can also add plates or small bowls of olives, sliced pickles or sliced tomatoes.

How many people does a 6-foot Subway sub feed? ›

6-foot Giant Sub*: Serves 20–25. Giant Sub orders require 24 hr. notice.

How much meat do you get from a 6-inch sub? ›

The average weight of the meat in the 6-inch subs was 2.2 ounces.

How big is a 6-foot sub? ›

6-Foot Giant Sub contains 36 two-inch large portion, serves 20-25 pax.

How many people will a 2 foot sub feed? ›

2 ft. party sub feeds approx 8 people.

How many slices of meat are in a 6 inch Subway? ›

That said, a typical six-inch roast beef sandwich from Subway will have between six and eight slices of roast beef, while a footlong will have 12 to 16 slices.

Is a 6 inch Subway sandwich actually 6 inches? ›

Economies of scale. All the bread at Subway starts off at around 12 inches. Slice that in half and you have 6 inches.

How many people does a subway classic sub platter feed? ›

™ Meals feature a tasty 6-inch sandwich, chips and a cookie neatly packaged for ease and convenience. If variety is what you're after, however, our sandwich platters with an assortment of tasty subs, are the perfect choice. Each sandwich platter typically feeds 5 – 9 people.

How many sandwiches does a pound of deli meat make? ›

Wondering how much deli meat you should order on your next visit? Here's a good rule of thumb: 1 pound of deli meat, sliced sandwich style, makes about 5 – 6 sandwiches. Cheese slices should be ordered thinner than deli meat, so you'll have more cheese slices to layer on. Order away!

Are Subway sandwiches really 12 inches? ›

Discovery revealed that the vast majority of Subway footlong sandwiches were, in fact, 12-inches in length. But due to perfectly natural and unavoidable vagaries in the baking process, a very small fraction of sandwiches fell about a quarter-inch shy of 12 inches.

What is the longest sandwich ever made? ›

The world record was broken in the Venustiano Carranza neighbourhood during the 17th edition of the annual torta festival. Cooks from various local food establishments and volunteers came together to make a 74-metre(242.7 feet)-long sandwich. The sandwich weighed almost 800 kg.

Is a 12 inch sub actually 12 inches? ›

The court ruled that Subway hadn't actually done anything wrong. The dough arrives to stores pre-made, all weighing the same, and are then thawed and stretched out on location. Though the loaf may end up being slightly less than 12 inches in length, it doesn't actually affect the amount of food a customer receives.

How much food do you need for 20 guests? ›

The easiest rule is the “One Pound Rule.” Provide one pound of food for each adult guest (not including drinks or dessert).


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