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Fast food: It's cheap, tasty, and convenient. Each and every day, thousands of people will choose it to satisfy their hunger. What these people probably don't know is how harmful it can be to their body. It's high in fat and calories, and is not a healthy choice to cure your hunger. Fast food causes obesity in society, and little is done about this greatly important issue. When on-the-go, the local fast food place seems like a great idea to pick up some food, but it is really a bad decision if you care about your health and well-being. Fast food is dangerous, and something needs to be done about it before this problem grows anymore.
Supporters say that fast-food restaurants serve their fare without any concern for the public welfare. Fast-food companies claim that their products are healthy, even necessary to good nutrition. In the purpose of supporting the fast-food companies Mike Burita, who is the communications director for the Center for Consumer Freedom, said "When you talk about marketing, you're talking about something that all companies use, whether they're selling cars, toys or any type of product." He also said "when you're advertising for McDonalds, the goal is to encourage those people that are planning on going to fast-food restaurants to go to McDonalds as opposed to going to Burger King, Wendy's or another place,". Burita believes that" A parent's role and a parent's responsibility is to help balance that child, tell them what's right and what's wrong, and that eating fast food is okay in moderation but eating it every single day probably isn't a healthy choice.".
Advertising of fast food has become increasingly popular with the media. Since children watch a lot of television, they are the main targets of this advertising. Through bright, flashy colors and popular pop culture figures, companies can lure children right to their products. Popular Ronald McDonald is an example of one of these catchy figures to children.

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Essays Related to Fast Food - Cheap, Convenient, Unhealthy

1. Fast Food

He created a product that was fast, cheap and tasted good for your money. ... Secondly, fast food restaurants offered us a cheap option for any meal of the day. ... The convenient fast food industry comes with a sacrifice though. ... We get food so fast and so cheap, but at the same time we are giving up quality. ... Most Americans know just how unhealthy the food is, but we eat it because it is so convenient. ...

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(Video) Sneaky Ways Fast Food Restaurants Get You To Spend Money

2. Popularity of Fast Food

Popularity of Fast Food The growing popularity of fast food has brought about ruthless competition in the fast food industry. ... First of all, fast food is prepared from unhealthy meat. ... Fast food companies choose to purchase from these farms because they minimize all production costs and provide cheap, inexpensive meat. ... In addition, fast food is convenient and available almost everywhere. Also, the fact that fast food is much cheaper than other foods is another advantage to the fast food society. ...

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3. Diet, Obesity and Children

In Bittman's article "Is Junk Food Really Cheaper?... Bittman also claims that our assumptions about fast food's cheapness, high-calorie content and convenience are false (Bittman 1). ... Fast Food has become more convenient and attractive to busy families. This image of fast food is false. ... The image of fast food being convenient leads to an unhealthy diet, and causes many health problems for children. ...

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(Video) Fast food, Fat profits: Obesity in America | Fault Lines

4. Marketing Fast Food to Children

It seems that we all eat fast food because it's easy, convenient and inexpensive. ... In part I of Fast Food Nation, Eric Schlosser writes about the reasons why fast foods are so popular in America today. ... Thus, there was a high demand for cheap, fast, and easy food. Additionally, fast food entrepreneurs took a lot of risks in the beginning because many benefited from the rise of fast food. ... People love fast food because most of the food is fried; It tastes great, and people don't seem to care about the fact that is quite unhealthy and full of fat. ...

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5. Research Paper - Fast Food Culture

(Video) Write a short essay on Fast Food | Essay Writing | English

" (Fast Food Nation. 3). ... As the fast food industry grows, the amount of money spent on fast food has increased drastically. ... Although each individual fast food meal may seem cheap at the time, the amount of money spent grows larger over time. ... There was a similar increase when the children were exposed to fast food advertisements, with a 1.1% rise in the consumption of fast food. ... One way that American culture has rationalize is that we have found faster and more convenient alternatives to prepare and ...

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6. The Dangers of Obesity

Although living unhealthy is easier, cheaper and more laid back, if not addressed, obesity is on track to surpass cigarettes in the leading cause of preventable deaths. ... There is a strong link of how often Americans consume fast food and obesity. Since fast food is so easy and convenient, many Americans consume these fried, fattening and salty foods on a daily basis rather than committing time and effort into preparing healthy meals. Not only are these foods terrible for you, but many of the biggest names in fast food have increased their portion sizes. ... Yes, unhealthy food may be cheap...

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7. Do You Live in a "Food Toxic Environment?"

These meals are quick, convenient, and relatively cheap. ... It's all too easy to get sucked into the fast food cycle. Tasty food delivered to your door for a cheap price, and all without ever having to leave your apartment . ... Health comes with a price, and most nutritious foods cost more than the unhealthy ones. ... We need to fill our time with more healthy habits and take away the glamour of unhealthy food . ...

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(Video) Writing task 2 | some people believe that eating homemade food is more healthy while other oppose it

8. Fast Food...Good Food?

The convenience of making and quick and cheap drive-by at the McDonald's down the street has resulted in increased sales at all fast food joints around. ... News flash: this convenience and low pricing will only catch up with consumers in the form of high hospital bills due to heart attacks or other medical conditions caused by obesity, and the inability to actually get out of bed to conveniently get a fast food meal anymore! Fast food is killing the nation. ... High fructose corn syrup is found in all fast foods and is a much cheaper and dangerous alternative to cane sugar. ... With the ...

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9. From Big Mac to Big Fat

Each sign represents a different fast food chain, such as McDonalds, Burger King, or Hardees that states they have the best tasting food for the lowest price. With mouths salivating at the thought of biting into a tasty burger, the human mind seems to beg the driver to stop for a convenient meal. ... In America, large fast food corporations may seem to be the ones to blame; however, they do provide the nutritional facts about the foods they offer online and in restaurants, also it is not impossible to find healthy alternatives compared to the regular fast food choices. ... The fact proves th...

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Is fast food unhealthy essay? ›

It will instantly spike your blood sugar levels. This will result in lethargy, inactiveness, and sleepiness. A person reflex becomes dull overtime and they lead an inactive life. To make things worse, junk food also clogs your arteries and increases the risk of a heart attack.

Why do we say that fast food are unhealthy? ›

Fast food is typically loaded with calories, sodium, and unhealthy fat—often enough in one meal for an entire day. It also tends to be low in nutrients and almost totally lacking in fruit, vegetables, and fiber.

What is a good thesis statement for fast food? ›

Thesis statement: Due to the convenient, affordable price and good taste of fast food, consumption of fast food is rising according to studies but it also brings negative effects on our health in the long run.

Why are unhealthy foods the cheapest? ›

The researchers suggested that unhealthy diets may cost less because food policies have focused on the production of “inexpensive, high volume” commodities, which has led to “a complex network of farming, storage, transportation, processing, manufacturing, and marketing capabilities that favor sales of highly processed ...

How does fast food affect students? ›

Fast food can lead to impaired academic performance because high sugar levels followed by sugar crashes and poor concentration levels make it difficult to accomplish tasks which need extended periods of focused attention.

What are the effects of unhealthy eating habits? ›

In the short term, poor nutrition can contribute to stress, tiredness and our capacity to work, and over time, it can contribute to the risk of developing some illnesses and other health problems such as: being overweight or obese. tooth decay. high blood pressure.

What happens if you eat unhealthy food everyday? ›

Eating junk food on a regular basis can lead to an increased risk of obesity and chronic diseases like cardiovascular disease, type 2 diabetes, non-alcoholic fatty liver disease and some cancers.

What is fast food paragraph? ›

Fast food is a type of mass-produced food designed for commercial resale, with a strong priority placed on speed of service. It is a commercial term, limited to food sold in a restaurant or store with frozen, preheated or precooked ingredients and served in packaging for take-out/take-away.

How does fast food affect our motivation? ›

A diet rich in processed foods and fat -- and the extra weight that comes along with it -- may actually cause fatigue, a lack of motivation and decreased performance, according to a recent study involving lab rats. It's a generally accepted fact that a sedentary lifestyle can lead to obesity.

What impact does fast food have on society? ›

Especially because “meat,” dairy, and eggs are the main ingredients in fast food, the exponential increase in its consumption has engendered a wide range of negative social impacts—including rapidly rising rates of diet-related disease, worker exploitation, systemic animal abuse, and environmental degradation.

How come fast food is so cheap? ›

Fast food restaurants utilize a very effective production strategy that allows them to create and sell food at a very low cost. They buy food in large quantities, which lowers the price, and then when it comes time to sell and create your burgers and fries, the separation of duties is implemented very effectively.

Is unhealthy food cheaper than healthy food? ›

Unhealthy food choices tend to be cheaper. A comprehensive review of 27 studies in 10 countries found that unhealthy food is about $1.50 cheaper per day than healthy food.

Is it cheaper to be unhealthy? ›

Although many people believe that eating healthy can be expensive, this isn't necessarily true. In fact, following a healthy, well-rounded diet can actually save you money in the long run.

Is all fast food unhealthy? ›

Fast food is often high in calories, fat, and sugar but low in nutrients and fiber. While eating fast food occasionally isn't a problem, consuming it frequently may raise your risk of obesity, heart attack, and other health issues.

What harmful things are in fast food? ›

Fast food ingredients often include a lot of salt, sugar, and processed chemicals, which have been linked to health issues such as obesity, diabetes, heart disease, and even cancer.

What are unhealthy foods? ›

What is junk food?
  • cakes and biscuits.
  • fast foods (such as hot chips, burgers and pizzas)
  • chocolate and sweets.
  • processed meat (such as bacon)
  • snacks (such as chips)
  • sugary drinks (such as sports, energy and soft drinks)
  • alcoholic drinks.

What are the positive and negative effects of fast food? ›

Fast food is rich in calories and sugar that contribute to increased-weight gain. Fast food replaces healthy eating habits. People who eat fast foods are less likely to eat vegetables, fruits, and milk. Fast food can be a good way to save time; however, it is not the right way for nutrition.

Why do people like fast food? ›

Those include sugars, calories, trans fats and saturated fats, but not a lot of vitamins, minerals or fiber. These foods release the neurotransmitters dopamine and oxytocin, which induce relaxation, pleasure and enjoyment. We call them “comfort foods” for a reason—because fast food actually makes us feel better.

Why is unhealthy eating a problem? ›

Consuming unhealthy food and beverages, such as sugar-sweetened beverages and highly processed food, can lead to weight gain, obesity and other chronic conditions that put people at higher risk of at least 13 types of cancer, including endometrial (uterine) cancer, breast cancer in postmenopausal women, and colorectal ...

What is cause and effect of eating unhealthy food? ›

One of the major harmful effects of junk foods from your favourite fast food restaurants is obesity and its related health complications. The excessive sugar, calories, and fats present in junk foods contribute to weight gain. Obesity can lead to many medical issues, such as diabetes, joint pain, and heart diseases.

What is a unhealthy lifestyle? ›

Poor diet and its consequences like obesity is the common healthy problem in urban societies. Unhealthy lifestyle can be measured by BMI. Urban lifestyle leads to the nutrition problems like using fast foods and poor foods, increasing problems like cardiovascular (5).

Who is the most unhealthy food? ›

1. Bacon
  • Fried food. ...
  • Potato chips. ...
  • Added sugars. ...
  • Processed oils. ...
  • Hydrogenated fats. ...
  • Refined carbohydrates. ...
  • Breakfast sausages. ...
  • Processed meat. Even though it's been explained that processed meats like breakfast sausage, bacon and turkey bacon are horrible for your health, this category of food is unhealthy as a whole.
30 Jan 2022

What is the world's unhealthiest food? ›

List of the Most Unhealthy Foods in the World
  • Super-Sweet Cereals. Breakfast cereals are commonly loaded with sugar. ...
  • Sugary Coffee Drinks. Many people are accustomed to starting their day with high-calorie coffee drinks. ...
  • Canned Soup. ...
  • Margarine Bars. ...
  • High-Calorie Soda. ...
  • Processed Meats. ...
  • Ice Cream. ...
  • Frozen French Fries.
14 Dec 2018

What is the least unhealthy fast food? ›

10 Healthiest Fast-Food Menu Items
  • Arby's Roast Chicken Entrée Salad.
  • Panera's Napa Almond Chicken Salad on Country Rustic Sourdough.
  • Chick-Fil-A's Grilled Chicken Sandwich.
  • McDonald's Fruit & Maple Oatmeal.
  • Starbuck's Tomato and Mozzarella Panini.
  • Dunkin's Veggie Egg White Omelet.
28 Dec 2021

How can we avoid fast food? ›

How do you stop eating junk food?
  1. Plan your meals. Plotting out your meals for the upcoming week can help you manage your cravings. ...
  2. Drink plenty of water. Drinking plenty of water can help minimize your cravings. ...
  3. Distract yourself from your cravings. ...
  4. Have proper and healthy meals. ...
  5. Manage your stress levels. ...
  6. Get enough sleep.
30 Oct 2021

How do you write a fast food essay? ›

Fast food items are high in saturated fats, trans fats, sodium and cholesterol. Fast foods have several side effects. Eating fast food has been associated with cardiovascular diseases, obesity, high cholesterol, colorectal cancer, insulin resistance condition and depression.

What are 3 facts about fast food? ›

Fast Food Industry Analysis:
  • 3) McDonald's Owns 39,000 Locations (source )
  • 4) 37% of U.S. Adults Consume Fast Food Every Day (source )
  • 5) One Third of Children Eat Fast Food on a Daily Basis (source )
  • 6) 30% of Fast Food Restaurants are Offering Healthier Items on Kids' Menus (source )

Why is fast food so popular essay? ›

Many people all over the world prefer eating fast food. They like it because it is cheap and tasty. It is convenient for people to have a rest and eat in a fast food restaurant with children. It is a perfect place for teenagers to spend their time with friends and have fun.

How fast food affect your mood? ›

You may be prone to depression

People who eat a lot of fast food are 51 percent more likely to be depressed than those who steer clear of it, according to a Spanish study. The more burgers, pizza, and fries people ate, the greater their risk.

How does fast food affect you mentally? ›

Fast food is typically high in saturated fats, trans fats, and omega-6 fatty acids. While in smaller doses, some of these fats are beneficial and, in fact, necessary for brain function, an excess can trigger an inflammatory response. The inflammation has links to anxiety and depression from past research.

Why does fast food make you happy? ›

Furthermore, junk foods can trigger the “happy hormone,” dopamine, to be released in the brain, making us feel good when we eat these foods. This can lead us to wanting more junk food to get that same happy feeling again [8].

How Good Is fast food paragraph? ›

Fast food is popular because the food is inexpensive, convenient, and tastes good. Fast food may include refined grains instead of whole grains, contain saturated fat, cholesterol, and added sugar, and it can be high in sodium (aka salt) which is used as a preservative and makes food more flavorful and satisfying.

When did fast food become unhealthy? ›

Study: Fast Food Has Become Increasingly Unhealthy Since The 1980s [Infographic] Opinions expressed by Forbes Contributors are their own. This article is more than 3 years old.

What is the main issue in fast food addiction? ›

Most of the fast food contains a large amount of sugar, fats and carbs and less minerals and vitamins. This means that people are taking in large amounts of unhealthy calories in the shape of fast food which leads to weight gain and ultimately obesity.

Is fast food cheaper than eating at home? ›

With consumer prices at a 40-year high, savvy consumers know they have to put more work into their shopping if they want to save a buck. But when it comes to food, you'll generally save money — and enjoy better nutrition — eating at home than dining out.

Whats the cheapest way of eating? ›

Try increasing your use of eggs, beans, seeds, frozen fruits and vegetables, cheaper cuts of meat, and whole grains. These all taste great, are cheap (especially in bulk), and are very nutritious. Incorporating more inexpensive yet nutrient-rich foods into your daily routine will help you save money and eat well.

Is fast food cheaper than homemade? ›

How Do Fast Food Prices Stack Up Against Prices for Cooking at Home? Whether you're ordering a $6.50 chicken burrito from Chipotle or a $5.79 quarter pounder with cheese meal from McDonald's, cooking at home is still the more affordable option.

Is eating healthy cheap or expensive? ›

Is eating healthy really more expensive? It's a common belief that eating healthy is too expensive. In 2013, the Harvard School of Public Health analyzed 27 studies and found that it cost an average of $1.50 more per day to eat healthy.

How can I eat healthier and cheaper? ›

6 Tips for Eating Healthy on a Budget
  1. #1: Plan Your Recipes. Planning ahead allows you to think about your food needs, tastes, and budget. ...
  2. #2: Shop With a List. ...
  3. #3: Buy Frozen or Canned. ...
  4. #4: Cut Cost With Coupons. ...
  5. #5: Buy Store Brands. ...
  6. #6: Try Growing a Garden. ...
  7. Healthy Eating: Not “One Size Fits All”

Is healthy food actually cheaper? ›

When measured on the basis of edible weight or average portion size, grains, vegetables, fruit, and dairy foods are less expensive than most protein foods and foods high in saturated fat, added sugars, and/or sodium.

Why is junk food cheaper than fresh food? ›

Fresh fruits and veggies are more expensive to farm than crops that will be processed. Produce relies on human labor rather than machines, and machines are more efficient and cheaper in the long run.

Why eating healthy is important? ›

A healthy diet is essential for good health and nutrition. It protects you against many chronic noncommunicable diseases, such as heart disease, diabetes and cancer. Eating a variety of foods and consuming less salt, sugars and saturated and industrially-produced trans-fats, are essential for healthy diet.

Why eating healthy is not expensive? ›

Simply increasing the volume and variety of fruit and vegetables in your diet is shown to reduce the risk of ill health and needn't be costly. Frozen, tinned and dried fruits and vegetables are often cheaper than fresh but keep their nutrients. They also keep for longer, meaning less food waste.

What are the disadvantages of fast eating? ›

Eating fast not only increases your risk of becoming overweight and obese, it's also linked to other health problems, including:
  • Insulin resistance. ...
  • Type 2 diabetes. ...
  • Metabolic syndrome. ...
  • Poor digestion. ...
  • Lower satisfaction.

What are the effects of unhealthy food? ›

How Does Poor Nutrition Affect Us?
  • being overweight or obese.
  • tooth decay.
  • high blood pressure.
  • high cholesterol.
  • heart disease and stroke.
  • type-2 diabetes.
  • osteoporosis.
  • some cancers.

What is the most unhealthiest fast food? ›

Most Unhealthy Fast Food
  • Burger King's Triple Whopper with Cheese.
  • Hardee's Monster Thickburger.
  • KFC Chicken Pot Pie.
  • Pizza Hut -Personal Meat Lover's Pizza.
  • Panera Bread Mac and Cheese.
  • Sonic -SuperSonic Bacon Double Cheeseburger.
  • Taco Bell Cinnabon Delights.
  • Shake Shack's Double SmokeShack Burger.
26 May 2022

Why do people eat fast food? ›

Those include sugars, calories, trans fats and saturated fats, but not a lot of vitamins, minerals or fiber. These foods release the neurotransmitters dopamine and oxytocin, which induce relaxation, pleasure and enjoyment. We call them “comfort foods” for a reason—because fast food actually makes us feel better.

What happens when you eat fast? ›

Leisurely eating is better for your health, especially when it comes to digestion, weight and nutrition. When you eat too fast, you swallow more air, which can cause bloating and gas. Slowing down to properly chew your food helps to break down larger particles of food into smaller ones, aiding digestion.

Why is fast food so cheap? ›

Fast food restaurants utilize a very effective production strategy that allows them to create and sell food at a very low cost. They buy food in large quantities, which lowers the price, and then when it comes time to sell and create your burgers and fries, the separation of duties is implemented very effectively.

What is fast food in simple words? ›

Fast food is a type of mass-produced food designed for commercial resale, with a strong priority placed on speed of service. It is a commercial term, limited to food sold in a restaurant or store with frozen, preheated or precooked ingredients and served in packaging for take-out/take-away.


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