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By Tricia Hart
Jul 19 2022

I was charged 93.60 for a year subscription and can not log in nor does the Daily Wire customer service Respond

By Grace Marie Williams
Jul 15 2022

There's nothing on here that tells us how to reach them

By Dr. Morse
Jul 09 2022

Emailing for my wife. She spent $200+ for premium service two weeks ago but still today there is no “Daily Wire” channel on our Apple TV.

If you don’t respond to this email immediately I will contact the FCC, my state Attorney Journal, the Better Business Bureau and my attorney.

Dr. Morse for Jennifer Morse

By melissa morang
Jun 24 2022

I am disappointed and confused. All I wanted was the Insider plan, but was immediately charged $.99 $48 & $60. Please refund my money asap. I have tried to resolve this but get no response.
Thank you.
Melissa Morang

By Laurie Matocha
Jun 22 2022


By Julie
Jun 18 2022

I’m reading all this messages and almost all of us have the same problem they took $48 from my account that I DID NOT authorize. Someone need to answer I tried to cancel this think but they make it impossible to do it. I don’t want this money out of my account specially in this time!

By Leslie Smith
Jun 15 2022

I just spent the better part of an hour, writing an email, only to discover that it probably didn't go through. PLEASE CANCEL MY "ALL ACCESS" MEMBERSHIP TO THE DAILY WIRE, IMMEDIATELY!! I want my money back in my account TODAY, along with the money for the "Truth Bomb" which I ordered from The Daily Wire Shop. Your customer service is terrible, as well, and the site is confusing to navigate. Again, please CANCEL MY SUBSCRIPTION, AND REFUND MY MONEY, BOTH FOR THE SUBSCRIPTION, AND THE "TRUTH BOMB" FROM THE DW SHOP. If I don't receive a prompt response, I will contact my attorney.

By Melissa ortiz
Jun 12 2022

I was confused because I had so many issues trying to get logged into my account. I accidentally subscribed to an annual all access membership. I have sent in multiple tickets with no response. Customer service is non existent

By John F Claxton
Jun 07 2022

Have 3 charges on one day (6/6/2022). $.99; $48.00; then $192.00.
I am unclear on what these charges are for. I only signed on to watch Movie by Matt Walsh.
Please advise ASAP! These charges hit my AMEX and will need to dispute them soon if not clarified/rectified.

By Jill Guess
Jun 03 2022

The Daily Wire has charged me 3 x in one day. And error appeared at the time of processing causing the charge to go thru 2 x. I didnt think it went thru due to the error but it has. There is not a contact # to call for a refund. Horrible time with this and i will never support The Daily Wire again it seems crooked.

By Loretta G Moses
May 05 2022

I was just charged $144 annual fee. I can't get in to cancel can't get email to reset password.

By Linda mohler
May 05 2022

I just joined for the 12$/monthy deal and my cost came back as 48$when I tried several times to unsubscribe,so then my screen said apply with all information so I redid my application and now you want $144 .I tried to watc movie and get nothing!please,please refund or don’t take out any money!l just read reviews and I see I’m not the only one cheated out of money with NO delivered ive got to call fraud protection and talk to them about thisSCAM,,,,and try to get message to all others that you are not the real deal,just SCAM!!

By Lori Waters
Mar 02 2022

I’m BEYOND pissed! I allowed my daughter to watch a movie for $.99. I then noticed on my bank statement that I was not only charged the $.99, but another charge for $48 and then ANOTHER charge for $96!!!!! I did NOT authorize these charges!! I have sent messages. I have called the ONLY phone number I could find and left messages! I have gotten ZERO response or resolution. This is flat out stealing and is completely wrong! I want my money back and I want to cancel this BS subscription that I did NOT approve!! I’m going to the BBB next! This is robbery and I want my damn money back!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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By Ronald Etters
Feb 23 2022

I did NOT authorize the recent $48 charge. Refund my Citibank credit card now. Dr. R.M. Etters 2\23\22

By Richard Jacobson
Feb 17 2022

I am unable to get access to my account. I tried on my Roku TV, android phone and laptop; When i try to log in it says i need to have insider access. When I try to play someting it has a lock next to the button it asks me to join. I already paid for year. There is no phone contact available. I paid for insider plus in advance. Thank you.

By Ricardo soto
Jan 16 2022

Hey just wanted to say thank you for everything you guys do. And to cancel my subscription and hopefully I can get my money refunded. I just got
$100 or more taking from bank. I had forgot about the annual fee.

By Linda
Nov 29 2021

My friend gave me a gift card, I signed up and my cc was charged. No number to call???? How do I get this figured out????

By Cathy Mahoney
Sep 29 2021

I had no problem connecting to to the app until you changed your format. Now if I try to connect and it crashes. this has been happing since I signed up . If you can’t fix it for my iPad I want to cancel and receive a refund . I would appreciate letting me know what’s going on.
Thank you

By Danny Dade
Aug 28 2021

I would like a refund.Iwanted the $4 a month Plano was charged $209+49.This is Democrat BS.If I don't get my refund I'm going to god out of my way to let people know if the stealing going on there.

By cancel my subsciption
Jul 19 2021

Cancel my subscription today, I tried to use this site and it was slow and very poor streaming.

By Ruth Holliday
Jul 14 2021

I want to cancel and the app won’t let me! Please cancel me immediately!

By Barbara
Jul 14 2021

No customer service phone number / no subscriber. I cancel

By Karen Masterson
May 14 2021

Have been charged twice. No one responded to email. No live support.

By George McCall
Mar 29 2021

I Joined DW 3/23/22
Now cant login. Thought maybe I have the password wrong. Tried the I forgot password link. Filled in email address hit send email. Site responds with “ We just sent you an email yo reset your password”. I have not rcvd a reset email. I have rcvd emails from DW.
Please help me fix my access problem ASAP.

Thank you
George McCall

By Dave Hillis
Mar 23 2021

What kind of Company has no customer service.I want to cancel my subscription immediately.

By Lee Ann Dunlap
Mar 22 2021

I wanted the reader pass only and was charged $48 instead. Please either cancel the subscription this is really $48.

Mar 19 2021

Yes I want my money back I got charged 240 dollars by you guys when I was only supposed to be charged 20 dollars a month

By Charles Sheriff
Mar 17 2021

I want to cancel my subscription immediately. Not happy with no customer support and overcharging.

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By Shiyan Sinclair
Feb 23 2021

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Thank you for your time. Please forward info to anyone who would need assistance.

Shiyan Sinclair

By Deanna Vaters
Feb 15 2021

I just joined a few hours ago, paid the subscription, downloaded the app and when I try to log in it tells me wrong email or password. I know they're both correct. It's frustrating because I want to watch the new movie "Run Hide Fight".

Feb 14 2021

Hi, I am French and I want to cancel my subscription to the Daily Wire... But I don't know HOW
Please help me

By Sue Peterson
Feb 13 2021

I need help to cancel my subscription. I don’t want to be charged $48. When I b put in my email, it says it isn’t the right one. Please help.

By Cherye Stommer
Feb 11 2021

I can not post again.... why does this keep happening? You hold up my posts for days, and then you let it post. Please I ask again tell me what I am doing wrong. I have not used anything that would make this happen. Frankly, it is getting a wee bit old.

By Brandi
Feb 06 2021

Daily Wire just charged my account $48. I thought it was only $4 a month???? If this is a mistake and it is supposed to be $4 then I’ll keep my subscription (with a refund of $44), but the monthly price is $48 then please cancel my subscription and refund me $48. No where did it say it would cost $48

By Ken Leger
Feb 04 2021

My husband signed up for a free trial subscription a few weeks ago. He decided he wouldn't use the app and canceled the subscription the next day. My bank account was charged $48.00 on 02/01/21. I want a refund to my bank account! Please respond to the email above.

By Carey Alexander
Jan 31 2021

Was only supposed to be charged .99 cents and then 4.99 a month. I was just charger 48.00!!!
Cancel my subscription ASAP

By Angela Dutton
Jan 31 2021

I want my charges refunded, it is not what I authorized. It's ridiculously that it's this hard to get a hold of you and you and I will report you to the BBB if

By Stephen Cunningham
Jan 29 2021

I am being charged for your service but cannot log in. Please include a phone number that I can use to contact a person.
Stephen M. Cunningham
551 Open Range Rd.
Crossville, TN 38555-1522
(802) 458-7403

By Mark
Jan 24 2021

It seems productions have dropped off significantly.

Ben is down to 2 shows a day from 3 every weekday.

Andrew is now only 1 show on Friday from his formerly daily output.

Sunday Specials that were weekly are very irregular approximating monthly.

Were we not supposed to have noticed the our subscription' have]⁰ been devalued? What's up?

By Mark
Jan 24 2021

I just watched "Run, Hide, Fight" on Youtube last night, fantastic, riveting, 1st class entertainment. Pox on critics!

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By Mark
Jan 24 2021

In 2018 Andrew Klavan was doing a series call "Leftese Dictionary" which I loved and kept each video. Problem it seems to have stopped at "M for Microaggression". What happened and how can I get "N" thru "Z"?

By Gene Cretsinger
Jan 22 2021

Please cancel my subscription and confirm cancellation.

By Joanne Bonds
Jan 22 2021

I am trying every possible avenue!!! 7 th communication in five days ..Need to reset password but not receiving the code in my email. Cannot watch Ben and I am a PAID subscriber!!!!!!!!! Please please assist me. I am an octogenarian so.have a little pity for heaven's sake. Joanne Bonds

By Mary Wallace
Jan 19 2021

I sorry but after reading the comments I feel uneasy so there fore I want to cancel my subscription. It's the .99 cents that is not worth a return. Keep it I'm not concerned about it.

By David Carrasco
Jan 18 2021

Same issue; signed up to watch movie
NOT complete yearly membership please contact me for refund

By Janes Griepp
Jan 16 2021

I’ve been trying to join up to watch movie
But haven’t had any luck please cancel my account

By Frank Scofield
Jan 16 2021

I paid 144 dollars, how can I watch Run, Hide, Fight?

By Noah
Jan 13 2021

Was charged 144 dollars when I was under the impression it was just .99 cents to start then 14 dollars a month after that. I looked back and it does say 14 a month and .99 cents but couldn’t find a thing saying 144 dollars then a yearly charged of 48 dollars. Please make this more noticeable for people!

By David Workman
Jan 12 2021

I read info and it said my only charge initially would be .99 but, I now have been charged $240.00. I can’t afford that expense now.
I need a cancellation and my money refunded.
A phone number to talk with someone would be nice too.

By Nathan Mcbride
Jan 12 2021

I need my money back! There’s a reason that it declined a week ago! Now I can’t pay my bills!

By Steve thomson
Jan 08 2021

Fix your system. The only thing it seems to be able to do efficiently is charge credit cards incorrectly. When you tell people you are sending an e-mail to reset their password. DO IT.

By Mark Alexander
Jan 08 2021

I tried multiple times on Black Friday to subscribe to daily wire to get the Black Friday rate, however it would not allow me to because I had an existing account. Now it wants to renew and charge me for the full price. I really would like to renew but would like the black Friday price honored.

By Sarah Lee
Jan 04 2021

I have tried a couple of times to find out information on how I can view everything on my Roku TV YouTube television.. I paid for the Premium to be able to view the complete programs but it still goes to the white screen and say must join to view the complete program?? what do I have to do, I paid the money but still can not view on the TV?? can anyone please send me instructions on how to be able to view? I have tried since I joined but can not seem to get any help

By gerald kondek
Dec 16 2020

When can I expect my Leftist Tears Tumblers.....Its been 6 weeks since Joining DW

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By Marsha Sanchez
Nov 18 2020

Your app won’t load on my ipad. What is going on/. It was fine earlier today

By Ashleigh Gagnon
Nov 04 2020

I was charged $144 on my bank account from daily wire and I sure as heck know that the subscription only says $12 for insider. So I canceled my subscription and would like my money refunded ):

By Maureen
Oct 17 2020

Please cancel my subscription, I was charged $36 from checking account and I was misled to think it was $3. Please cancel me!

By William Sheets
Oct 02 2020

The DW app will not let me log in. Please help.

By Lew Ross
Sep 27 2020

Great Content. Great app...
just the one thing, though: LANDSCAPE ORIENTATION FOR IPADS!!!!

My reading experience has been ruined by the default portrait orientation. I can’t easily find a way to view in browser, either.

I trust that the app will continue to improve, and will continue to support, no matter what.
Many thanks.

By Cindy Sauder
Sep 24 2020

I paid for a reader’s pass a week ago and still cannot get in. So frustrating. Please fix it so I can enjoy what I paid for. It seems to be a problem for some of the other reviewers as well.

By Tracy Gustafson
Sep 18 2020

Please unsubscribe me and refund all of my money since it won't let me log in since the day I signed up (2 days ago) and I will just wait and try again another time.

By linda smith
Sep 17 2020

Got a new phone. Don't know what has happened ,but I'm locked out of your news items, etc. . ?is my subscription expired ? I'm not very tec. savy , would really like to speak to a person to correct the problem. I tried to go through your online services, but don't know what I'm doing wrong. Will be on pins and needles waiting for your reply. Thanks, Linda

By Nyoka Robinson
Sep 12 2020

UnSubscribe from Daily wire.

By Julie Hatch
Sep 02 2020

I just got my credit card bill and have been charged $36. from Daily Wired. I was under the impression it was $3 a month. Can you please cancel my subscription?

By Oteka Brab
Sep 02 2020

Forgot my password. Even though I am told that an email has been sent to me in order to reset, I never get the email even after multiple attempts.

By Rochelle Hammond
Aug 20 2020

I have tried for months to get an issue cleared with my original subscription to DW.
You never email me. I need to tell you what is wrong. I do not have access to DW. A text or email is desperately needed. I want my subscription corrected.
Rochelle Hammond

By Stephanie
Aug 12 2020

Stop putting color in your headlines. If your title of an article reads black man blah blah blah white man blah blah blah you are being racist! The American people are tired of racist news sources! Shame on you!


How do I change my daily wire subscription? ›

After logging into your account, hover over your badge in the top right corner of the page and select settings. The page will load to the membership tab where you'll see options to upgrade.

How do I get the daily wire on my TV? ›

You can find our DailyWire+ channel on Roku, AppleTV, Vizio Smart TV, and Chromecast! In addition to the streaming apps listed above, you can also access Daily Wire Now on KlowdTV and VIZIO Watch Free+.

Is there a daily wire app? ›

Download DailyWire+ to access top news & commentary, podcasts, movies, documentaries, original series, and more across these streaming channels: The Daily Wire — Ben Shapiro, Candace Owens, Andrew Klavan, Michael Knowles, and Matt Walsh. Dropping Truth Bombs daily.

How do I remove a subscription from my bank account? ›

How to stop automatic debits from your account
  1. Call and write the company. Tell the company that you are taking away your permission for the company to take automatic payments out of your bank account. ...
  2. Call and write your bank or credit union. ...
  3. Give your bank a "stop payment order" ...
  4. Monitor your accounts.
Aug 25, 2020

How do I cancel a subscription to The Daily? ›

A: If you would like to make a change to your subscription, please contact the New York Daily News Customer Service Center at 1-800-692-NEWS (1-800-692-6397).

What channel does my TV need to be on for my cable to work? ›

Coaxial Cable Connection

The 'old-fashioned' method by which the cable box is connected to the TV is by using a coaxial cable. This setup requires the cable box to be set to channel 3 or 4 to function.

How do I watch regular TV on my TV? ›

You can get an HD TV antenna, subscribe to a specific channel's app, subscribe to a live TV streaming service, watch the live stream of your local news station's newscast on their website, watch your local news channel on their YouTube page, or watch Pluto TV.

What devices can I watch daily wire on? ›

DailyWire+ is available on mobile devices (iOS and Android), Roku, AppleTV, Vizio and your preferred Web Browser.

Does wire app need phone number? ›

I really like that wire doesn't require your phone number just an email and sound quality on calls is better than other similar apps.

Is there a free version of wire? ›

Wire offers a free version for external business partners or friends and family use.

What is the wire app used for? ›

Wire offers end-to-end encrypted messaging, file-sharing, video and voice calls, and guest rooms for external communication. The app allows group calling with up to twenty-five participants and video conferences support up to 12 people.

Can I ask my bank to stop a payment to a subscription? ›

You can tell the card issuer by phone, email or letter. Your card issuer has no right to insist that you ask the company taking the payment first. They have to stop the payments if you ask them to. If you ask to stop a payment, the card issuer should investigate each case on its own merit.

How do I stop automatic subscriptions? ›

Manage your subscriptions on Google Play
  1. On your Android device, go to your subscriptions in Google Play.
  2. Select the subscription you want to cancel.
  3. Tap Cancel subscription.
  4. Follow the instructions.

Can I call my bank to stop automatic payment? ›

You can contact your bank and place a stop payment order on the recurring transaction. Generally, a stop payment order is only good for six months. To stop payment, you will need to notify your bank at least three business days before the next payment is scheduled to be made. Notice may be made orally or in writing.

How do I find all my subscriptions? ›

Find your purchases, reservations & subscriptions
  1. On your Android phone or tablet, open your device's Settings app Google. Manage your Google Account.
  2. At the top, tap Payments & subscriptions.
  3. Tap Manage purchases, Manage subscriptions, or Manage reservations.
  4. To see more details, select an item.

Is there an app to cancel subscriptions? ›

If your goal is to take control of your financial life, there are three apps that can help you cancel unused subscriptions: Truebill, Bobby, and Subby. Let's get into the details of these helpful apps.

Can you cancel now anytime? ›

You can cancel at any time in exactly the same way as you'd cancel your membership, by going to NOW Membership. If you've only got a Sports Day Membership on your account, your Boost will only run for one month, and won't auto renew – so you don't need to remember to cancel it.

How do I cancel my Sunday subscription? ›

Please log in using your e-mail address and you can cancel in just 2 clicks from your dogs' subscription page. If you need help logging in or finding the cancellation link, drop us a line and we can e-mail you a direct cancellation link.

How do I stop splice payment? ›

How do I unsubscribe (cancel my subscription)?
  1. Open Settings on your device (not Splice's Settings)
  2. Tap your name.
  3. Tap Subscriptions > Select Splice.
  4. Tap Cancel Subscription or Cancel Free Trial. If you see Your subscription will expire soon or Your subscription has expired, it's cancelled and won't renew.
Aug 4, 2022

Is the daily wire an LLC? ›

The Daily Wire, LLC.

Why can't I cancel my Sunday Ticket? ›

How to cancel NFL SUNDAY TICKET. If your NFL SUNDAY TICKET package auto-renews for the new season and you want to cancel, you must do so on or before September 25, 2022, to receive a full refund. Cancellation requests after this date are strictly non-refundable.

How do I cancel my weekly subscription? ›

To cancel an unused prepaid subscription plan:
  1. Open the Google Play app .
  2. At the top right, tap the profile icon.
  3. Tap Payments & subscriptions Subscriptions.
  4. Select the subscription or prepaid plan you want to cancel.
  5. Tap Cancel subscription.
  6. Follow the instructions.

How do I cancel my Sundays dog food subscription? ›

If you are unhappy with your first order of Sundays we're happy to cancel your subscription and refund your trial order. No return necessary! Just email us at

How do I contact Splice? ›

For any issues related to the purchase, installation, or activation of your rent-to-own iZotope products, please contact for technical assistance.

Can I get sued for using Splice? ›

Splice also doesn't protect you from any potential lawsuits that can arise because of improper use of their material (we'll be studying some real examples to drive the point home).

What happens if you cancel Splice subscription? ›

If you cancel your subscription, you'll still have access to your Splice Sounds or Plans subscription until the end of your billing cycle. After that, you won't be charged, but you will lose access to the Splice platform, including your credits.

How did Ben Shapiro make his money? ›

At age 17, he became the youngest nationally syndicated columnist in the United States. Shapiro writes columns for Creators Syndicate, Newsweek, and Ami Magazine, serves as editor emeritus for The Daily Wire, which he founded, and hosts The Ben Shapiro Show, a daily political podcast and live radio show.

Who is Shapiro's sister? ›

How old is Shapiro? ›


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