Best Hollywood Studios Restaurants for Families (2023)

When you visit Hollywood Studios, you’re definitely going to work up an appetite riding the Tower of Terror, Rock N’ Rollercoaster, and Star Wars: Rise of the Resistance. Deciding on food venues in the parks can be challenging, especially when you’ve got fussy little ones or a jam-packed schedule. Luckily for you, I’ve done all the hard work and narrowed down the best restaurants in Hollywood Studios for families, so you can head out to the park and enjoy your trip without the added stress of what and where to eat that day.

Best Hollywood Studios Restaurants for Families (1)

Table Service and Quick Service Restaurants at Hollywood Studios

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As with all the parks, Hollywood Studios has both table service and quick service restaurants.

Quick service restaurants are the best option if you don’t have time to have a proper sit-down meal. You can order and collect a wide selection of foods at a kiosk window and find adequate seating in a canteen-style seating area for you and your family.

Some quick service meals can also be taken with you on the go and they make the perfect waiting in line snack.

Table service restaurants are normal-style restaurants that are dotted around the park. A server will seat you, take your order and deliver your food like they would in a normal restaurant outside of the parks.

Table service restaurants need to be booked in advance and Disney now allows you to do this 60 days before your trip. It’s important to note that dining reservations get booked up fast, so it’s best to set an alarm and book all the restaurants you want ASAP to avoid disappointment.

Kid Friendly Facilities at Disney

Disney is obviously designed with little ones in mind and high chairs are conveniently placed at all restaurants throughout all the parks. If you have trouble finding a high chair, you can ask a crew member who will be more than happy to assist you.

Quick service restaurants allow pushchairs inside the canteen area so if needs be, your child can remain in their stroller while you’re having your meal. Table service restaurants don’t normally allow this, but if your child is asleep, there is no harm in asking.

Cutlery in the parks is all adult-sized, so I’ve found it’s best to pack an extra set of kids’ cutlery so they can have their independence and eat like they would at home.

Disney does a good job of catering to different dietary requirements. Most quick service restaurants allow you to substitute items in the meal and adapt them to your specific needs.

Table service restaurants have a separate dietary menu that can be requested when you’re seated. Specially trained dietary cast members can be found in restaurants and can answer any questions or queries you may have regarding your meal.

The baby care center can be found in the Guest Relations at the main entrance of the park. Here you can find a space to nurse and care for your children and should they get lost, your child will be escorted here and cared for until you collect them.

Unfortunately, Disney Dining plans are currently unavailable throughout all the Disney Parks due to the pandemic. Changes happen regularly, so it’s best to check the Walt Disney World website to keep up to date with how these measures will affect your trip.

So, without further ado, let’s get into the best restaurants in Hollywood Studios that you and your family will love.

Best Quick Service Hollywood Studio Restaurants for Families

ABC Commissary

ABC Commissary is located just off of Commissary Lane and gives you all the feels of an art deco film studio. There is plenty of indoor air-conditioned seating that’ll give you the perfect break from the Florida heat.

The lunch and dinner menu has a wide selection of mains for adults, such as a chicken club sandwich, shrimp tacos, and a Mediterranean salad.

A plant-based California burger and a menu for dietary requirements are also available at ABC Commissary, meaning there is something on the menu for everyone!

The kids’ menu features pork tacos with Mexican rice and black beans or a grilled ham and cheese sandwich accompanied by carrot and apple slices. Both meals come with a choice of water or low-fat milk.

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The full ABC Commissary menu can be found here.

Backlot Express

Backlot Express in Echo Lake has a menu full of all American eats that the whole family will love.

Conveniently placed near Star Tours, the Backlot Express has both indoor and outdoor seating that is covered and less crowded than other restaurants in the park.

If you like burgers, you’ve come to the right place! Backlot Express’ adult’s menu has cheese, bacon, or plain burgers, as well as chicken strips and salads.

This restaurant is an easy option for fussy kids as the menu consists of chicken strips, mac & cheese, or an uncrustables sandwich. All kids’ meals come with a side of carrot sticks, a choice of low-fat milk or water, and a Danimals Smoothie.

The full Backlot Express menu can be found here.

Catalina Eddie’s

Catalina Eddies can be found in Sunset Boulevard and shares seating with a couple of other small quick service venues.

If you’re looking for a quick bite before heading on Tower of Terror or Rock N’ Rollercoaster, you should definitely stop by Catalina Eddie’s. The prime location means this restaurant gets extremely busy throughout the day and seating may be hard to come by.

Quick and easy pizzas with different toppings are available for both adults and kids. The pizzas can also be adapted to meet specific dietary requirements and they make a great lunch option if you’re stumped on what to choose. I mean, who doesn’t love pizza?

The full Catalina Eddie’s menu can be found here.

Docking Bay 7 Food and Cargo

An incredible themed quick service restaurant found in Star Wars: Galaxy’s Edge is the Docking Bay 7 Food and Cargo.

The working hangar bay is a must for all Star Wars fans with both indoor and outdoor seating.

The menu has a space twist to make it fun and fitting for the surrounding restaurant design. Batuuan beef and crispy topato stir-fry, Fried endorian chicken tip yip, and roasted endorian chicken salad are on the menu for adults.

Fried Chicken tip yip, Ithorian pasta rings, and Takodana veggie dippers are the choices for kids and although they have space-themed names, they’re essentially crispy chicken, meat marinara pasta, and vegetables with hummus.The full Docking Bay 7 Food and Cargo menu can be found here.

Dockside Diner

The Dockside Diner on the edge of Echo Lake is a quick service venue that looks like a giant boat! It has a large outdoor seating area and is a great choice if you want a restaurant that has a shorter ordering line.

The Dockside Diner menu is small and slightly basic so you may want to opt for a different food venue if you want a wider food selection, but if you like shrimp or chicken salad rolls, or smoked fish dip, then Dockside Diner would be right up your alley.

Macaroni & cheese and a PB&J uncrustable sandwiches are easy choice options for kids with a large selection of drinks on the menu too.

The full Dockside Diner menu can be found here.

Epic Eats

The menu at Epic Eats is strictly snacks, but it’s worth a mention if you just want a little pick me up as you’re walking around the park.

Funnel cakes, root beer, and ice cream will give you the sugar rush you need for your busy day at Hollywood Studios.

The full Epic Eats menu can be found here.

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Fairfax Fare

This one is for hot dog lovers! Fairfax Fare on Sunset Boulevard shares the seating area with Catalina Eddie’s and Rosie’s All-American Cafe. This food court setup means your entire family can order from different restaurants, and all sit down at the same table and enjoy your meal together.

There is no specific kids’ menu at Fairfax Fare, but both kids and adults can enjoy a selection of toppings on their all-beef quarter-pound hot dogs.

The full Fairfax Fare menu can be found here.


The closest restaurant to the Muppets 3D show and themed around Rizzo the Rat is PizzeRizzo.

The kids’ will be easily satisfied with the choice of pizzas, pasta, and mini-subs, which also come in adult-sized portions.

There is plenty of indoor air-conditioned seating and the short wait times are another reason why this is a perfect stop if you have small children and are in need of a quick bite before heading to the show.

Ronto Roasters

Another quick service restaurant in Star Wars: Galaxy’s Edge is Ronto Roasters, where you can enjoy a selection of wraps in their outdoor seating area or as an on-the-go snack.

The theming throughout Ronto Roasters makes it another fantastic place to visit if you’re a Star Wars fan.

There are only full-sized wraps on the menu, but they’re all a huge hit in the park. There are four filling options of pork and sausage, pork rinds, zucchini, and fruit.

The full Ronto Roasters menu can be found here.

Rosie’s All-American Café

The third installment in the Sunset Boulevard food court is Rosie’s All-American and is stocked with burgers, hot dogs, chicken nuggets, and salads.

Thanks to the food court-style seating area, food can be ordered from any of the kiosks and enjoyed at one table as a family.

Chicken nuggets, a turkey sandwich, or a power pack are on the Rosie’s All-American Cafe’s kids’ menu, but if none of these options appeal to them, they can order from a different kiosk!

The full Rosie’s All-American Cafe menu can be found here.

The Trolley Car Café

Did you know that each of the Disney parks has a themed Starbucks? The Trolley Car Cafe on Hollywood Boulevard is Hollywood Studio’s Starbucks and inside you can find all of your most loved coffees as well as a selection of sandwiches and snacks.

Simple sandwiches like sausage and egg, bacon and egg, and ham and egg are amazing small meals to walk around the park with.

The full Trolley Car Cafe menu can be found here.

Best Table Service Hollywood Studio Restaurants for Families

50s Prime Time Café

The 50s Prime Time Cafe is near Echo Lake and is themed to look like your mum’s kitchen in the 50s. The food selection is made up of meals that you’d most likely associate a mum cooking at home.

The adults can enjoy mains of fried chicken, meatloaf, and pot roast, as well as starters of onion rings, noodle soup, and crab cakes.

The little ones get a choice of noodle soup, vegetable platters, or salads for starters and the mains include grilled chicken, chicken strips, and macaroni & cheese.

The dessert menu is also a huge hit with favourites of chocolate-peanut butter cake, apple crisps, and brownies.

(Video) The 2022 Ultimate Guide to Hollywood Studios

If you decide to dine at 50s Prime Time Cafe, be sure to request a table with a TV. They play old black and white clips from popular prime-time shows from the 1950s!

The full 50s Prime Time Cafe menu can be found here.

Mama Melrose’s Ristorante Italiano

Found just behind the Muppet Square in Grand Avenue is Mama Melrose’s Ristorante Italiano, and you’ve guessed it, they serve up Italian food.

The theming inside Mama Melrose’s accurately represents an Italian restaurant with fairy lights, checkered curtains, and food that doesn’t disappoint either.

A large selection of pasta, chicken, and steak are on the menu for adults, and the kids’ also get the choice between pasta, pizza, and chicken.

The showstopper that all kids are bound to love (I know mine do!) is the spaghetti and meatball cupcake dessert. A vanilla cupcake decorated to look like spaghetti and meatballs, it’s so fun and makes a great end to a yummy meal at Mama Melrose’s.

The full Mama Melrose’s Ristorante Italiano menu can be found here.

Sci-Fi Dine-In Theater Restaurant

Probably one of the best themed and most fun restaurants in Disney is Sci-Fi Dine-In Theater on Commissary Lane.

When you enter the restaurant, you’re assigned a booth, and what makes it so fun is that the booth… is actually a car!

The restaurant is set up to look like a proper drive-in movie with the car booths facing a big screen playing old sci-fi hits.

The menu features all American classics of burgers, pasta, and salads for both adults and kids, so it’s a great place to head for a simple bite that the family is guaranteed to love.

The full Sci-Fi Dine-In Theater Restaurant can be found here.

Hollywood & Vine

Character dining in Hollywood Studios can only be found at Hollywood & Vine, right near 50s Prime Time Cafe, at Echo Lake. it’s also the only sit down Hollywood Studios restaurant for breakfast, with pancakes, Mickey waffles, omelet and more on the menu.

At the start of the year, they revamped their menu, and it now features beef tenderloin, salmon, and pork loin.

Kids can build their own plate by choosing an entrée of salmon, turkey, beef, or macaroni & cheese as well as 2 sides and a dessert.

Minnie and her friends, who are perfectly dressed for each season, join you for both the lunch and dinner reservations, keeping your little ones entertained and happy throughout the entire meal.

The full Hollywood & Vine menu can be found here.

The Hollywood Brown Derby

Hollywood Studios’ signature dining experience is found at the Hollywood Brown Derby in Hollywood Boulevard next to the Animation Courtyard.

The restaurant is themed after Brown Derby Restaurants from back in the day and if you’re after a quiet gourmet meal, you’ve come to the right place.

The Hollywood Brown Derby is without a doubt the most expensive dining experience at Hollywood Studios, but the food quality and service are a true reflection of this.

Finer ingredients are used to make filet mignon, trout, and risotto, as well as a famous cobb salad and incredible desserts.

(Video) Hollywood Studios RESTAURANT GUIDE - Walt Disney World - 2022

The kids’ menu is slightly more basic with chicken, beef, and hot dogs and a choice of 2 sides to accompany their meals.

The grapefruit cake dessert is highly raved about and is a must if you’re visiting Hollywood Brown Derby.

The full Hollywood Brown Derby menu can be found here.

Best Snacks at Hollywood Studios

If you go to Disney and you don’t indulge in all the Disney snacks, then I’m sorry, but you’re doing it wrong!

Hollywood Studios has some fantastic snacks that you can’t find anywhere else, and I thought it was important to give them a special mention.

Neighborhood Bakery – Jack-Jack Num Num Cookie and Key Lime Pie on a Stick

The Num Num Cookie is a cookie big enough to share and is warm and gooey on the inside and crunchy on the outside. It’s everything you could want in a cookie and more!

The Key Lime Pie on a stick is essentially a slice of key lime pie, coated in blue icing and placed on a stick like an ice cream. It’s incredibly refreshing and a fun way to enjoy a dessert in the parks.

Epic Eats – Funnel Cakes

Funnel cakes can be found all over the Disney parks and Epic Eats has a good selection of toppings that the whole family will enjoy. The thing I love most about funnel cakes is they are big enough for a family of 4 to share, so you won’t be breaking the bank on snacks!

Trolley Car Cafe – Carrot Cake Cookie and Butterfinger Cupcake

The Trolley Car Cafe is Hollywood Studios Starbucks and has a huge selection of snacks to choose from, there are two, however, that stand out above the rest.

The Carrot Cake Cookie has become a huge favourite amongst Disney goers and it’s best to get there early before they sell out. It is a large carrot cake cookie stuffed with cream cheese and, like most snacks at Disney, is big enough to share.

The Butterfinger Cupcake is a large chocolate and peanut butter cupcake with a gooey inside filling and a coated peanut top.

Backlot Express – Wookie Cookie

Another huge stuffed cookie for all those Star Wars fans out there is the Wookie Cookie. The oatmeal cookie is filled with vanilla cream filling and topped with the iconic Wookie’s sash made out of chocolate.

50s Prime Time Cafe – PB & J Milkshake

A slightly different snack in the form of a milkshake is the thick and creamy PB & J Milkshake that’ll keep you cool on those extra hot days in the park!

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Can kids eat at California Grill? ›

You will not be disappointed in that view either! As I sat down to write this article, I mentioned to my daughter that I was going to write about our meal at California Grill. She smiled and asked when we can go back there again. I think that's proof that yes, even kids can enjoy a meal at California Grill.

Can you make a reservation at Docking Bay 7? ›

Reservations at Docking Bay 7 Food and Cargo

Given the restaurant's counter-service nature, no reservations are offered.

Is Hollywood and Vine Character dining for dinner? ›

Hollywood & Vine is a table-service restaurant located just a couple of yards inside the entrance of Hollywood Studios. It's the only character-dining experience at the theme park, and it offers breakfast, lunch, and dinner.

Is Hollywood Studios good for 7 year olds? ›

Disney World for 7 Year Old

A great park to start for at for a 7 year old would be Hollywood Studios or Animal Kingdom. If your little one is wanting to try bigger rides, but not fully get scared, these two parks would be great.

Which is better for kids Hollywood Studios or Animal Kingdom? ›

Disney's Animal Kingdom probably has more to offer toddlers than Hollywood Studios. Disney's Hollywood Studios has some outstanding rides like Twilight Zone Tower of Terror and Rockin' Roller Coaster. That being said, Disney knows that each of their parks must appeal to kids of all ages and adults.

Can kids eat at Angel of the Winds? ›

Angel Eats – Restaurant & Dining

All ages welcome.

Can my 12 year old eat off kids menu at Disney? ›

The weather is just perfect for afternoon swims, I hope you'll plan some time in your itinerary to enjoy the pool. Dawn, children's menus at Walt Disney World are technically for those Guests ages 9 and under.

Can a 10 year old eat off the kids menu at Disney? ›

Disney's rule of thumb is that Mousketeers ages ten and older must pay the adult price when ordering at a restaurant with a prix fixe menu, family-style meals, or at buffets. Your kiddos are more than welcome to choose items from the kids' menu, but you'll still be charged the higher rate.

Is docking bay 7 inside? ›

Docking Bay 7 Food and Cargo is the main food and beverage location inside Galaxy's Edge. It is a counter service location with indoor and outdoor dining spaces that are well-themed.

Can you make a reservation at Leaky Cauldron? ›

To answer a very common question up front: no, there are no reservations for lunch and dinner – it's first come, first serve. Breakfasts, however, are something of an exception: Universal sells vacation packages, a feature of which is a breakfast at both Diagon Alley's Leaky Cauldron and Hogsmeade's Three Broomsticks.

Can offsite guests book genie+ at 7am? ›

There are two kinds of Lightning Lane options, those that are Disney Genie+ Lightning Lane attractions, and the Individual Lightning Lane attractions. All guests, regardless of where they are staying, can start booking Genie+ Lightning Lane reservations starting at 7 am, local time.

Do kids eat free at Hollywood and Vine? ›

So first off, you are correct that kids under three years of age are free when it comes to dining. This is true across all Walt Disney World resort restaurants and the servers will just assume they will be eating a bit off your plate unless you specifically order something for them.

Are character dinners worth it? ›

You'll enjoy the time getting to and from your dining location as you check out a resort or specific area you may have never seen otherwise! Whether you are planning to go to Disney just once in your lifetime or 99 more times, character dining is worth the extra cost to experience Disney as a whole.

Which Disney park is best for 8 year olds? ›

Magic Kingdom Park has the most number of attractions suitable for younger children and is also where they can meet their favorite characters or wave to them in the Disney Festival of Fantasy Parade or Disney Adventure Friends and Mickey's Celebration Cavalcades.

Is Hollywood Studios fun for 6 year olds? ›

Most of the attractions at Disney's Hollywood Studios are suitable for all ages. There are, however, a couple of rides just for older thrill-seekers.

What age is best for Hollywood Studios? ›

Disney's Hollywood Studios (Ages 3 to 17)

Disney's Hollywood Studios is often seen as a park for older kids, but it's great for little ones too, which is why we say it's suitable for ages 3 to 17.

Which is more kid friendly Epcot or Hollywood Studios? ›

As far as other fun options, Epcot beats Hollywood Studios in rides and play places, but Hollywood Studios is the only place you can meet Disney Jr. Characters. The winner between Hollywood Studios and Epcot for toddlers is Epcot!

Is Disney Hollywood Studios kid friendly? ›

Hollywood Studios is full of shows for kids of all ages. If you're visiting Hollywood Studios with preschoolers, they'll love seeing some of their favorite Pixar and Disney Junior characters come to life. Older kids will love the action packed shows like Indiana Jones as well as some of their favorite Disney movies.

Is Disney Hollywood Studios good for 8 year olds? ›

There is so much to enjoy with your family at Disney's Hollywood Studios. From toddlers to preschoolers to teenagers, and everyone in between, this Disney park is amazing for families. Characters, great dining options, well themed lands, and fantastic shows… is a “must visit” on your next Disney vacation!

Can kids eat at Hell's Kitchen? ›

We've got kids' menus for every meal, including a few of our most popular dishes in kid-friendly portions. Most children love our fun and quirky aesthetic, but if you're worried about how your child will react, feel free to look through our space yourself!

Can children dine at the Shard? ›

Eat and Drink at the Shard

Entry is limited due to space constraints. If you are visiting The Shard with children, please remember that children under 18 are not permitted in the bar after 6 pm, so the last entry time for children is 5 pm. Children are always welcome in the restaurant when accompanied by an adult.

Is Cave of the Winds good for kids? ›

Wind Cave is a great place for kids and families to explore.

Are kids free on their birthday at Disney? ›

Guests often wonder if Disney World is free on their birthday. Disney does not give you free admission on your birthday but they do give you special treatment, free food, and other perks.

Can kids split meals at Disney? ›

Yes, you will find a lot of sandwiches and burgers, but some of the kid's meals are very interesting choices. Children can also split meals at Disney World. Kids can order and share an “adult” entree.

Why can't adults eat from children's menu? ›

He says kids menus are mainly a way to get families through the door. “If someone has small kids, you get the kid in at the lower price and what they're hoping is that they'll get the adults to pay full price.” But Goodrich says some restaurants don't want to lose loyal customers by turning them down, either.

Can kids hug characters at Disney now? ›

That's right, real character meet and greets have returned with hugs and autographs for the guests! In fact, normal character meets came back to the Disney World theme parks on April 18, 2022, and have been going strong ever since. What is this?

Can kids hug characters at Disney? ›

That meant no hugs or autographs; just waving, air hugs, distanced selfies, and staged photos. But now kids and kids-at-heart can hug characters like Mickey Mouse, Dr.

Who eats free at Disney? ›

Your little one is most welcome to share in all that yumminess at no charge! At restaurants with a traditional menu that features multiple entrée options, children under the age of 3 may share from an adult's plate at no charge, or order something from the children's menu and be charged for the cost of that entrée.

What is the name of the Star Wars restaurant in Hollywood studios? ›

Oga's Cantina at Disney's Hollywood Studios. Walt Disney World Resort. Star Wars: Galactic Starcruiser - Now Open!

What is on the ronto wrap? ›

Ronto wraps are a gyro-style entree made with pork sausage and sliced pork in a soft pita and topped with tangy slaw, and a creamy peppercorn dressing.

What is in the outpost puff? ›

For dessert there's the Outpost Puff, it's a chocolate pastry filled with Guajillo chocolate mousse with Thai tea Panna Cotta, spiced pineapple, and, as the menu describes it, confectionary debris.

Is Three Broomsticks or Leaky Cauldron better? ›

If you want a more authentic version of theme park British fare, then Leaky Cauldron should be your choice. If you want non-traditional less themed theme park food, then Three Broomsticks may be your better choice. What if you still cannot decide?

Is breakfast at the Leaky Cauldron worth it? ›

Good breakfast, but Leaky Cauldron was better! Having breakfast at Leaky Cauldron and Three Broomsticks was part of our Universal Orlando Harry Potter package and at $16/pp for a family of 4 these two breakfasts saved us a lot of money. As stated, I preferred the breakfast at Leaky Cauldron.

How much does Leaky Cauldron cost? ›

Adult Entrées$11.49-$21.99
Child Meal$7.49

What is the 120 minute rule at Disney World? ›

That 3rd option is the 120-minute rule. Essentially, you can book another Lightning Lane 2 hours (120 minutes) after reserving a previous one if the return time for the first Lightning Lane is more than 2 hours away.

Does genie plus sell out? ›

Disney Genie+ as a ticket add-on does not sell out, but select attractions may run out of Lightning Lane selections. Any day you want to purchase Genie+ for your theme park tickets, you may. As the day progresses, you might find an attraction is no longer offering return times for Lightning Lane access.

How many rides can you get on with Genie Plus? ›

How many rides are included with Disney Genie+? Guests have access to 18 rides to choose from at Disneyland and 46 at Walt Disney World.

Can kids eat at Hollywood Casino buffet? ›

No. No one under 21 is admitted to casino and/or any restaurants.

Are there any character meals at Hollywood studios? ›

Located at Disney's Hollywood Studios and just off of Hollywood Boulevard, Hollywood & Vine is an Art Deco-inspired diner featuring TWO unique character meal experiences!

Do you tip at Disney character meals? ›

Even though they are typically buffet style, we always tip 18%. The cast members who have served us have been terrific. They always make sure we see all of the characters in between trips to the buffet. Of course you can choose whether or not to tip based on the level of service.

How do I get reservations for character dining? ›

Here's how to book Disney World dining reservations online: Log into your My Disney Experience account and under the Things to Do tab, click Make Reservations under Dining. The reservation window opens around 5:45 a.m. ET each day (the reservation hotline opens up at 7 a.m. ET).

How much does it cost to eat with Cinderella? ›

No autographs or personal greetings are allowed. Cinderella will be offering a distanced greeting with guests on the lower level of the castle, just after check in. The price of the meal has dropped and is reflected below. Dinner Adult Price $67 plus tax and gratuity; Children ages 3-9 is $39 plus tax and gratuity.

Is Hollywood and Vine back to buffet? ›

The buffets at Hollywood & Vine have finally returned, and our stomachs are happier for it. The Breakfast Buffet has returned with offerings like Brioche French Toast with Banana Foster Sauce, Salmon and Bagel Casserole, and Plant-based Frittata with tomato jam.

Is Hollywood and Vine all you care to eat? ›

The prices for your meal will be a set price depending on the time of the meal and age of the guest. The meal is All You Care to Enjoy, which is Disney's version of a buffet.

Is Hollywood Studios good for small children? ›

Hollywood Studios is full of shows for kids of all ages. If you're visiting Hollywood Studios with preschoolers, they'll love seeing some of their favorite Pixar and Disney Junior characters come to life. Older kids will love the action packed shows like Indiana Jones as well as some of their favorite Disney movies.

Which Disney park is better for a 5 year old? ›

Magic Kingdom is one of the best Disney parks for 5 year old and younger, offering a wide array of options for families—from character meet-and-greets to attractions to a stunning fireworks display.

Can a 5 year old have fun at Universal Studios? ›

The answer is YES! If you've been on the fence about taking your little ones to Universal Studios Hollywood, you should definitely go! There are tons of fun things to see and do with your kids, and with Universal's Child Switch service, there is no need for you to miss out on the fun. What is this?

What age group is best for Hollywood Studios? ›

Disney's Hollywood Studios (Ages 3 to 17)

Disney's Hollywood Studios is often seen as a park for older kids, but it's great for little ones too, which is why we say it's suitable for ages 3 to 17. The park is home to everything Disney Junior, which smaller kids will love.

Is Hollywood Studios good for a 6 year old? ›

There is so much to enjoy with your family at Disney's Hollywood Studios. From toddlers to preschoolers to teenagers, and everyone in between, this Disney park is amazing for families.

Is Magic Kingdom or Hollywood Studios better for toddlers? ›

Best Theme Parks in Orlando for Toddlers (Ages 4 and Under) Hands down, Magic Kingdom offers the most magical experience of all of the Orlando theme parks. Guests of all ages, but especially the toddler set, will be able to enjoy a large number of attractions.

Which Disney park is the most kid friendly? ›

Magic Kingdom Park has the most number of attractions suitable for younger children and is also where they can meet their favorite characters or wave to them in the Disney Festival of Fantasy Parade or Disney Adventure Friends and Mickey's Celebration Cavalcades.

Do I need a stroller for my 5 year old at Disney? ›

Does a 5 year old need a stroller at Disney World? If you are headed to the Parks for one day only, and have the capacity to carry the 5 year old at the end of the night, then No. If you are going for more than one day (say 2-6 days) and want to maximize your time in the parks you will need a stroller for a 5 year old.

What is child swap at Universal? ›

If your children are too small or unwilling to go on a particular ride that you want to experience, take advantage of our "child swap" program. Each ride and attraction has a family room where one member of your party can wait with the little ones while the rest of your party rides.

Is Hollywood Studios worth 2 days? ›

The Magic Kingdom theme park alone is one of the most popular theme parks and our suggestion would be to plan two full days to really see it all! Hollywood Studios is also a full day event, especially if you are trying to see all of the main attractions including Toy Story Land and Star Wars Galaxy's Edge.

What are the least busy days at Hollywood Studios? ›

Keep in mind that Magic Kingdom and Hollywood Studios are the smallest parks, so fill up faster, so the weekend will feel extra crowded at these parks. You will find that Tuesday, Wednesday, and Thursday are by far the best days to be in the parks.


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