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Feb 12, 2015


Q:I didn't see a forum for ABF: What does ABF look for in a new driver/how to get hired on?

A:I heard ABF is a solid company, I'm interested in looking into them myself, I've been using this forum to research all the primejobs... LtL is my choice of trucking, it's more $ by clock & more cpm by" click".... beverage & food seems to be more hectic driving although most local driving is a little more hairy canary, but you get bored sitting in the sattle for hrs and you see your family every day & live a fuller life

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Drake L.

Feb 11, 2016

ABF Freight P&D career info please.

Q:Im about to get my CDL at C1 truck driver training and i was wondering is ABF a good career choice for a local ltl career. I live about a half mile away from ABF and Averitt. I was wondering what is the pay, benefits, perks, and retirement like. I really want to use this experience to get my foot through the door at UPS as a delivery driver or tractor trailer driver. Do you guys think i should focus on ABF or try to get into UPS asap.

A:ABF has their own training and CDL course. You might want to ask them about that instead of doing it yourself first. Plus certain terminals like to hire or bring on their own. Some Companies like to train you their way. Plus getting a free CDL is worth it. That's their home office I'm sure they have a program plus you might have to start on the dock for that particular program. But seniority starts the minute you work there even on dock cause it's a union gig. If it's down the street id try to get on.

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Sep 21, 2012


Q:Cananyone tell me anything about ABF? As a road driver how long does it take tomove up the board to get put on a steady bid/turn? Are u on call for long?Thinking of maybe going with them but not sure I can deal with being on call.Thanks

A:Gothere and dont look back. They are teamsters, and pay very well! You will be onan extra board for quite some time as the turn-over rate is very very VERY low.I didnt take the job because they are a hour away and didnt feel like being oncall for that. I work at YRC where Im not on call, but im a city driver and goin every day at 8am. If there is no work they call me, or if someone is latethey go home and I get their route for the day.

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May 20, 2016

ABF Freight

Q:Anyone here know how long the process is for abf freight hiring process?

A:Very long and very thorough. Usually around 3 months

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Jun 29, 2016


Q:Hey guys. I have been over the road for 2 yrs and it's time to come home.. Ilive in Nyc and looking for a local job. It's either NEMF in old bethpage, NYof ABF in bay shore, NY, please any advice on these 2 companies, pay, routes orwhich one you think is best well be helpful. I am trying to bring home at least$850 a week and be home everyday..

A:ABF no vacation until you have been there 2 years, then 1 week. 2 weeks after 8years. Retirement plan is pension which is likely near bankruptcy.

A:ABF also has better equipment.

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May 5, 2016

ABF road driver

Q:i just applied and now I'm trying to get some info from a ABF road driver. Whatis the schedule , average miles, CPM. Thanks

A:ABF has ALOT of Senior drivers. Drivers that came in when OTR and running mileswas the "in" thing to do. So they do have a lot of retirements comingup but don't get your hopes up about having a schedule or a bid. Money's therein Cpm better then 90% of companytruckingjobs. Just like getting experience you gotta do your time. So expect towork 6-7 days a week and work thru the weekends. This is for any LTL linehauljob. Too many people come in hoping to have weekends off like its a guaranteethen get mad when they can't get what they want as a Jr guy. Sorry it'strucking it's LTL extra board. You got to sit down and really think about itbefore you make a move into any LTL outfit. I don't run for ABF but us LTL guysdo talk to each other. We are always trying to recruit each other lol.

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Apr 5, 2016

Old Dominion or ABF

Q:Hello, I started HACC, and I LOVE it! ABF is coming to talk to the class today,and Old Dominion is coming Thursday. I understand ABF is union withcompany-paid benefits. I understand ABF has a higher pay rate. I understand OldDominion has a pay rate just shy of ABF. I understand Old Dominion's line hauljob is AWESOME. Which one would you choose and why, ABF or Old Dominion? (Iknow there is an older post of this nature. I'm looking for current info.)Thank you!

A:Depends on the individual situation, both companies are excellent choices for aCAREER opportunity. If you were able to suck it up on the extra board for awhile, ABF would be the choice. Marginally higher wages with FREEinsurance= greatertake home pay, not to mention the pension, although some will question it'ssolvency.

A:JenV said they were going to HACC so that means they may live around Carlisle,just a guess though. Both companies are great, I work for ABF and a friend ofmine works for OD. I am linehaul and he runs team. He made around 120k lastyear while I would have made 80 if not for illness. His benefits are cheap perweek while mine are free, I think he pays like $18 a week or something. I amnot one of those pro union or anti union guys I just want whats best for yoursituation so it really depends on what you want.

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May 12, 2016

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UPSF,Fedex freight,Old dominion or ABF

TheABF drivers I run into (in Columbus) are all super-busy, working tons of hours,even during slow times. Their terminal here is small because they have amonster hub in Dayton, so Columbus is an end-of-line terminal despite being amuch bigger city. They need more space, but can't really expand where they'reat. I think that's one reason they are stuck personnel-wise. They can't hire asmany drivers as they'd need, because there's no room for any extra equipment inthere.

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Jul 22, 2015


ABF will and does check everything, if you lieor omit ANYTHING they will trash the app and you will never hear from them. Ihave 2 friends that work there good company , vacation sucks for new guys, 100%paid ins and pension

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Drake L.

Feb 11, 2016

ABF Freight P&D career info please.

I would be very surprised if abf hired you rightoutta driving school but like most companies they are hurting for drivers. Toppay is around $25 an hour. You start out at 90% of that amount for 1 year andthen top out. Yourinsurancefor you and yourfamily will be paid for fully by abf. They also pay into a pension plan for youand you will collect $75 for every year worked at the age of retirement. Youhave to work 2 years to gain your first week of vacation.

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