5e Tools: A comprehensive guide (2023)

With its many 5e tools, Dungeons & Dragons is a challenging and entertaining game—players of various skill levels like playing it. If you’re starting in 5e, you might be unsure of what you need to do to maximize your experience. The article will talk about the top 5e resources for both dungeon masters.

Whether you’re looking for tools to enhance gaming or accessories to make your experience more pleasurable and immersive, we offer everything you need! After reading this essay, you will comprehend the following:

  • What 5e tools are there in Dungeons and Dragons
  • How to make thrilling adventures
  • Different 5e Tools in Dungeons and Dragons;
  • The most crucial tool
  • Where to Keep Your Tools and Supplies
5e Tools: A comprehensive guide (1)

The toolkit contains a complete list of player characters, their classes, and the rules that apply to them. No player may alter or change their style. This article aims to explain the 5e tools and their types thoroughly. Therefore, we can say that it discusses a list of characters with comparable abilities. The alternatives and courses available to the players are numerous and relevant.

The participants can use a variety of 5e tools. In 5e, each tool is predicated on the player’s selection and the tool’s past performance. They are free to choose whichever tools they like. The 5e tools have a few restricted characters that the player may prefer.

Every time a player chooses their character, they can choose their tools from the 5e tools. The figures are sketching pictures on paper.

When a player creates a character based on their preferences, the tools are listed on their profile. But how many players understand how to use the 5e tools? They don’t even know how to use 5e tools effectively in dungeons and dragons. Even the players misinterpret and disregard the 5e tools’ character and style sheets.

Different Dungeons & Dragons 5e Tools

In D&D 5e, a selection of tools is available. Various tools are available for players to select according to their history, class, race, and feats of choice. Some tool skills and expertise in poising or thief’s tools are exclusive to specific backgrounds. If a player is proficient with a tool, any dice rolls that include that tool will also include that player’s competence bonus. As a result, players should look for opportunities to use their resources and training whenever possible. It can be a huge advantage. Each D&D 5e utility is listed below. Each part follows the same format and contains the following information:

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  • The Most crucial tool
  • An explanation of the knowledge
  • When to seek help

The most Crucial Tool

The dice are arguably the most effective 5e tool. 5e wouldn’t be the same without dice. For Dungeons & Dragons 5e, you’ll need a set of six dice:

  • 20-sided die, D20
  • 4-sided die, D4
  • 6-sided die, D6
  • 8-sided die, D8
  • 10-sided die, D10
  • 12-sided die, D12

You can play with one of each, but you’ll need more than one D6 if you plan to play for more than a few sessions.

Which dice you choose depends on your particular preferences. Dice come in many materials, including plastic, metal, and wood. Dice come in many colours, so take your time and choose a set you genuinely like.

List of 5e tools with their details

Alchemist’s Tools

Among the Alchemist’s tools are two metal-framed glass beakers. The metal frame housing the beaker has an open flame and a glass stirring rod. It also has salt and iron powder in addition to filtered water.

Alchemists Knowledge

Typically, alchemists are pretty curious. They are curious about everything’s purpose and definition. They enjoy doing experiments and gathering almost everything to investigate. An alchemist’s primary sources of income are research, inquiry, and study. Add your Alchemist’s proficiency modifier to the skill check roll if they attempt to do any of those things.

When should you ask for an Alchemist Tool’s check?

Frequently, if the group’s Alchemist is looking into a substance, tell them what it is as long as it’s a primary substance. No rolling is required. Alchemists depend on chemicals for their living. Therefore, a mistake could result in lost fingers.

Ask them to roll an intellect check and add their proficiency modifier for more uncommon substances. It is a fantastic approach to employ resources and skills to enhance gameplay and give your gamers the impression that they are experts!

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When your players are trying to make a beneficial potion or balm out of herbs or chemicals, request an alchemist tool skill check. Keep in mind that alchemists prioritize valuable potions. Except for what not to put in potions, they know nothing about poisons.

Brewer’s Tools

Brewer’s tool includes a siphon, a large glass jug filled with several types of hops, a lot of tubing, and other items.

The brewer’s machinery makes beer, wine, and other alcoholic drinks. In the game Dungeons and Dragons, players can make original drinks.

Brewer’s Knowledge

Brewing is an exact science. The brewer needs a lot of experience and knowledge to get the ideal alcohol-to-sweetness ratio or have each bottle have a consistent flavour. Brewers naturally know these things because of their profession:

  • Purity/quality of ingredients;
  • Flavour profiles;
  • Business practices.
  • Buying and selling products;
  • Weighing and measuring
When to ask for Brewer’s Tools check

The PC should roll using their tools if attempting to brew. There are other circumstances, though, that can call for a “brewer’s tools check.” such as:

  • Trying to determine the purity of water;
  • Looking into a crop blight;
  • Making drinks;
  • Determining the quality of a drink.

Forgery Kit

The appropriate documents can help you accomplish your objectives, and incriminating records planted on an adversary can be the quickest method to bring them to justice. With a forgery kit, all of this and more is feasible.

Fabricatingdocuments with this tool will make it more difficult for characters to spot fake paperwork when inspecting them. The best times to employ this technology are during political elections because forged documents have a significant global influence.

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Forgery Kit Knowledge

You can bet that your player knows how to forge documents if they are skilled at forgery. Nobody is proficient at forging documents. We’ve all probably forged our parents’ signatures once or twice on field trip slips or illness notes, but that is very different from actual forgery. If your gamer is adept at using a forgery kit, they almost definitely also are aware of the following:

  • At least one connection to the underground or illicit market
  • How to obtain official documents or handwriting “off the books.”
  • A handler or trader of artwork, documents, or other items;
  • The ability to tell actual documents from fake ones
When to use a Forgery Kit skill check

The cool thing about forgery kits is combining them with additional tools to create a more accurate copy of an object. For instance, a more convincing “legal document” or “writ” can be produced utilizing a forgery kit and calligraphy tools. Together, a forgery kit and a cartographer’s equipment may make a phony map appear authentic! Have the player roll for each separately, applying their proficiency modifier each time if they intend to use a forgery kit and another tool.

Carpenter’s Tools

You won’t appreciate the need for a carpenter’s tools until you find yourself stuck with a broken wheel or a damaged boat in Dungeons & Dragons, where the majority of vehicles, including carts, boats, and ships, are built of wood.

While situational, having the ability to construct or fix wooden objects can be very useful. Except for more oversized items requiring the carpenter’s tools, minor cracks or damages can be fixed with spells like mending.

Carpenter’s Knowledge

Carpenters naturally understand:

  • A knowledgeable carpenter can identify nearly all tree species used to make lumber.
  • High-quality versus low-cost furniture and goods
  • The stability of structures and the aptitude for reading blueprints (which is more complex than you might imagine!)
  • Find hidden buttons, drawers, mechanisms, and even traps! Recognize fake bottoms in drawers!
When to go for Carpenter’s Tools check

If your character is attempting to carve something into the wood, have them make a skill or strength check as appropriate, then add their proficiency modifier to the roll. Here are some additional circumstances that might necessitate a carpenter’s tools check:

  • Attempting to open a wooden box without first unlocking the lock;
  • attempting to fix a wooden object;
  • Making a temporary shelter for the group while travelling by checking furniture for false backs, hidden drawers, or traps on doors, chests, or other wooden objects

Calligrapher’s Tools

There are three quills, a dozen parchment pages, and ink included. The calligraphy tool is a specific kind of instrument with a rich and effective function. It is referred to as calligraphy proficiency.

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These calligraphy tools thoroughly understand how to use paper and different languages. It also includes a subset of complex languages used by the wealthy and middle classes. These calligraphy tools have also decided to look for their buyers and hidden messages within the game. It is also utilized for various messages and on maps.

Calligrapher’s Knowledge

A proficient calligrapher probably knows the wealthy and influential people in whatever town or city they were raised in. They might not know each other by first names, but they would differentiate from one another. A calligrapher would naturally be knowledgeable about the following due to their line of work:

  • Fine papers and inks
  • The nuances in middle-class and wealthy people’s languages
  • How to locate buyers for pricey artifacts;
  • Recognizing nuances and hidden messages in writing and maps;
  • A fundamental comprehension of ancient ruins and literature for their studies.
When asking for a Calligrapher’s Tools check

Depending on the character, do a talent or intellect check when a PC requests to use calligraphy. Then, apply their proficiency modifier to the roll. Other situations where you might ask the participant to use calligrapher’s tools to make a check include:

  • Recognizing a letter or document’s hidden notion or symbol;
  • Deciphering the meaning of a legal document;
  • Making a work of calligraphy art as a present or for sale;
  • Embellishing a letter or document to make it appear more official.

How to Create Exciting Adventures?

A dungeon master can run a 5e game using the information in The Dungeon Master’s Guide (DMG), a book. It details many things, such as magical artifacts, monsters, and NPCs. It’s a fantastic tool for developing thrilling adventures that your players will adore.

Get the latest edition, the 5th Edition Dungeon Master’s Guide, if you’re seeking a DMG. Once more, you can choose between a physical and digital copy. Visit your neighborhood gaming store if you’d want a physical copy! Support regional companies! DnD Beyond or Roll20 also provides excellent 5e dungeon master tools if you want a digital version.

How to Store and carry your supplies?

It can be challenging to move about with all of your D&D supplies. It’s crucial to have a carrying case or bag that can hold everything for you because of this. This way, all your equipment is in one spot and is simple to grab when you’re ready to play.

There are many different kinds of bags and carrying cases available. You can locate a small item holding your character sheet and dice. Another option is to locate a sizable backpack that will hold all of your D&D supplies.

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Companies have risen as Dungeons and Dragons have grown in popularity, producing some pretty luxurious custom 5e equipment for carrying all your treasures. Whatever you decide, be sure it’s big enough to accommodate everything you need.

The Bottom Line

For many players, the 5e toolkit is the best toolkit available for dungeon and dragon games. Many gamers can access the 5e tools kit and use it according to their demands because it contains all different types of tools.

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